Sleepy Puppies | L.L.Bean

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Adorable outtakes featuring the sleepy stars of our dog bed video.

Sleepy Puppies | L.L.Bean
Sleepy Puppies | L.L.Bean
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  1. So freakin adorable where did u get the pupps:)

  2. they are not dudes…..dudettes.

  3. Those really are cute scenes since we can hear the photog and stagers making comments. great idea.

  4. They are cute 3 3 3 3 3

  5. MY GOD:(

  6. so cute

  7. 4 people are allergic to adorableness

  8. They were obviously going for cuteness overload 🙂

  9. I wanna cuddle with the chocolate lab!!!

  10. Do they have a Geiger counter on in the background?

  11. How to film a add for a dog bed get a lot of cute of dogs

  12. Ahh kids this is how to film a add for dog bed get cute puppy’s and put them on the bed and make them tired by playing with them

  13. Awww lil puppy paws !!!

  14. The wee brown bean in the middle just ain't moving for anything… cute..

  15. Do they have names and genders?

  16. Awww! How adorable! They’re such angels when they’re sleeping.

  17. Please give the puppies a small amount of real turkey meat, cut into tiny pieces,it contains Tryptophan,which makes humans +puppies sleepy. Nurse in PA

  18. Precious as can be 💞 🐕

  19. I love it

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