What Happens if You Put Your Hand in a Garbage Disposal?

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What Happens if You Put Your Hand in a Garbage Disposal?
What Happens if You Put Your Hand in a Garbage Disposal?
  1. I didnt even know those exists

  2. As dumb as William may seem at first, he actually has impressive moments of intellect.

  3. 6:59 that scream though😂🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣😄😅

  4. i don't know why the scary movie hand gag is so good.. but it always get me

  5. Can you not buy monkey hand?

  6. We don't have these things in the UK.

  7. "Okay what cartoons are you watching Allen" LMAOO 🤣

  8. my mom put her finger in there and there's blood on the floor so she went to the er

  9. I turned it on with my hand in it when I was 6

  10. I wasnt thinking of a finger when he put the carrot in there😅

  11. Yo the thumbnail tricked me i thought Cdawg was here

  12. The look of a maniac, laughing as Mr Bones tumbles to death: 4:22

  13. Just him putting his hand in there to get the spoon thing out gave me the chills

  14. "What does ginger taste like?" 3 seconds later: AHH ITS SO SPICY

  15. In my cousins apartment, the garbage disposal switch is labeled disposal 😄

  16. If I’m not wrong isnt it also called a death cable because your able to very easily electrocute yourself with it due to it being exposed wires

  17. As a kid I be like be Puts arm in AHHHHH

  18. We dont have this in evrope so yea 🤷

  19. Tom and jerry has a surprising amount of arm-getting-cut-offing. From childhood memories the chicken matches allens description perfectley.

  20. Don't worry guys I'll find out I'll keep you updated after I use my hand

  21. So that's why I see multiple metal pieces across the sink

  22. You look like pokémon Jesse Pinkman.

  23. First visited the U.S. and this scared the crap out of me the first time I put up the switch.

  24. i think hotdogs with holes for the bones, and inside the glove, would be a good enough for a substitute

  25. "It's twisting so much!!!!" that waas sus

  26. She looks like manual then bdellium a one windshield died in a car accident

  27. Can you put a skeleton inside the washing machine he’s breaking his own stuff

  28. 6:55 a youtube ad made this a perfectly cut scream, which is the only youtube ad I've liked

  29. "Let's do the fork hand in the garbage disposal!"

  30. I’m nine years stupid

  31. Seems fake fingers would be fine it can't be that sharp

  32. that is crazy😨😨😨😨

  33. Jimmy Neutron punches so good!!

  34. whrre is the video I of the pipe bonb

  35. I always thought these exist only in the amazing world of gumball

  36. Is this how guys feel when they watch other guys get kicked in the nuts?

  37. I have a fake skeleton named skele-bones

  38. 4:25, with the right sounds and dimming the light a bit, that could legit be a scene in a horror movie

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