The fleece vest craze

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Fleece vest sales are taking off and retailers are crediting finance and tech bros for the boom.

The fleece vest craze
The fleece vest craze
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  1. I wore a XXL of these 2 decades ago as a highschooler

  2. Who’s buying vests in Texas? Seems unnecessary.

  3. this is sooo bro

  4. I'm so fucking sick of hearing about New York. I click on a story about tech bros and their fleece vests, and I think of people in Silicon Valley or Seattle, but no because it's CNBC New York has to be shoehorned into the story and "New York" has to be mentioned twelve times.

  5. not as baggy as jackets and also keeps you warm.

  6. I think it looks great on men.

  7. NY used to be cool…now its a bunch of sheep

  8. lol I have a banana republic vest, a vineyard vines vest, and a vest from my finance company ..

  9. How not to wear it : 0:33.

  10. 0:13 is he single? 😉

  11. I’ve been rocking a fleece vest while working finance in battery park city (not Goldman, ironically) since 2011. It hides my gut and ensures my pant pockets don’t puff out with keys, phone, cigs, lighter, etc.

  12. Chad, Brad and Taj.

  13. It's tapered, hides your muffin tucked in shirt, and stores items you would have normally put in your pockets 👍

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