Items that I buy at Goodwill to resell on Ebay for great profit – All the Secrets!

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Items that I buy at Goodwill to resell on Ebay for great profit – All the Secrets!
Items that I buy at Goodwill to resell on Ebay for great profit – All the Secrets!
  1. I have a hard time navigating eBay and struggle to find you. On this video you said there is an eBay link but I do not see it. I wish eBay works make things easier for us.

  2. YES to Disney figurines! 🙂

  3. Great video, Karen! That Greek plate❤️ thanks for sharing all the details! Great tip on looking up recalled vintage electric items!

  4. Hi Karen, always love your videos. Looks like the quilt stitching is musical notes to go with the instrument fabric! What a cool pattern!

  5. How do you ship the wall sconces? I would love to see a video on that!

  6. I didn’t get a good look at the quilting on the quilt but it kind of reminded me of 🎵

  7. The lighting fixture is beautiful 🤩

  8. Not an Amish Quilt- but very nice

  9. When you held it up, the stitching actually looks like musical notes 🙂

  10. Hi Karen
    Your quilt is lovely but it is not Amish made. Amish do not use the modern print you have in the border

  11. So glad for this video!!!! You are like the Easter angel!!! So slow for me and March was so good! Thought it was just me and I was feeling so down and then today three sales!! I will try now that I know it’s not just me to be patient!!! Thank you. It is just me or have you noticed prices at Goodwill going up on the good things? I saw a plate that was vintage for 14.00 and a dress from Nordstrom’s for 30.00 I mean come on! It’s Goodwill!

  12. Super love your shirt!!!

  13. Hi Karen and Happy Easter! I'm so curious how you came up with the price of $103.05 for the bells? I've seen odd amounts before and often wonder why you don't just round up to $105?🙂

  14. Karen that quilt would be nice draped on end of coach matches the brown or end of your bed. Sometimes nice to enjoy things in your home.

  15. Any teen who loves music, or plays an instrument would love ❤ that quilt.

  16. The quilt stitching looks like music notes.

  17. LOL, just say in general you don't pick up bells and lamps:)

  18. I absolutely love your top in this video. Do you mind sharing who the manufacturer is?

  19. Also I watch you consistently and my husband and I have started thinking about reselling. You have such exquisite taste and I feel like I have been blessed with a good eye. Thank you for your videos.

  20. If I remember from my quilting days, the stitching is called stippling. I am not sure of the spelling.

  21. I found a king sized quilt at a thrift store for $22. And it looks like it's never been used, but the fabric colors are very 80's or 90's. It also looks hand stitched. The stitching is not consistent in the size of each stitch, compared to machine stitching. I'm keeping it.

  22. Karen – I watch all your videos. You are my favorite EBAY You Tube producer! I have a request. Would you create a video that shows your process once you bring the item home. How you log it in (I know you do that manually which is fine)…….just from start to finish (putting it into your Inventory) and any inventory tips you might have.

  23. Not an Amish made quilt, but it is nice.

  24. Love your video and your blouse.

  25. Hi Karen. I just wanted to say the quilt is beautiful! When you held up the quilt and we saw the stitching, my brain right away registered musical notes in the shape of the stitching. Maybe others noticed as well? -Cathy

  26. Someone probably already mentioned it, but the quilting on that quilt is actually musical notes.

  27. Hi! New to selling glass, etc. on eBay. Question- do you think that it’s harder for unknown sellers to sell than sellers with a youTube channel and many followers?

  28. Great contact in this video Karen. I always learn so much from you and I appreciate you.

  29. Amish Quilts are so beautiful! I grew up in Wilkes-Barre,PA, and alot of my friends & family had bed quilts from Lancaster. They were passed down through generations! Priceless!

  30. The bell maker is pronounced yah-dro. The ll is pronounced a y . Lladro is highly collectible. I have always wanted to own a piece.

  31. Have learned so much from you –all your great tips for sellers–also liked when you talked about selling clothes . Thank you !

  32. How do you manage to pack & ship each fragile item in order for them to arrive unbroken?

  33. All your items that you showed on line are super. I really enjoyed it.please continue to show more. Thanks for sharing this video.

  34. I love your earrings..

  35. We’re do you get your beautiful earrings?

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