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When New Hampshire’s beloved community ski mountain, Whaleback, was forced to enter foreclosure, the locals knew they had to act. Here’s how they came together to keep the lifts spinning, the kids smiling, and the joy of family skiing alive for all to enjoy. To learn more about Whaleback Mountain and the community visit


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The Little Mountain That Could | L.L.Bean
The Little Mountain That Could | L.L.Bean
  1. This is how you change the world. Not via govts or corporations…but by individuals and groups of like minded people coming together to help the wilderness, enhance the local area, getting people outside and making lives better. Save the mountain….Save the world….Jolly well done to all concerned ☺

  2. I'm from Enfield and never learned to ski until I was 17 years was here at Whaleback in 1993 during night skiing on rental skis. It is special to me!
    This is awesome!⛷

  3. This is a fantastic short and I do really enjoy Whaleback Mountain.

  4. If it weren’t for this little mountain and school ski trips/club organized by my 8th grade English teacher (thank you Ms Robinson!) I probably wouldn’t be a skier today. I first started skiing there almost 34 years ago, have skied ever since and have shared my addiction, I mean passion with my own children. I am happy to know that Whaleback is still there and providing the joy of skiing to the local community in the Upper Valley!

  5. This is a fantastic story, and thanks to LL Bean for sharing it. Its these small ski areas that serve as the top of the funnel for the industry. Its here that real people step into the sport and culture.

  6. never really skied as I played hockey at KUA, but understood how important the mountain was to all the local skiers – what a great story of sweat and equity – TEAM WORK

  7. Beautiful film. very poignant.

  8. Tip top. Love this place. Love to Evan D

  9. Amazing, love this gem of a hill

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