Trump Backs L.L. Bean Following Campaign Donation Amid Calls To Boycott Company

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The soon-to-be 45th president of the United States has taken to Twitter to call for people to “buy L.L. Bean” after the granddaughter of the clothing company’s founder gave him a hefty donation. On Thursday morning, Donald Trump tweeted his gratitude to Linda Bean for making the contribution. Bean then appeared on Fox and Friends after Trump’s tweet led her grandfather’s company to become the target of a boycott and other social media backlash because she donated $60,000 to the Trump campaign. #InsideEdition

Trump Backs L.L. Bean Following Campaign Donation Amid Calls To Boycott Company
Trump Backs L.L. Bean Following Campaign Donation Amid Calls To Boycott Company
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  2. Just ordered $120 worth of quality clothing from L.L. Bean!

  3. I guess I'll be buying from someone else .. too bad. I like their stuff

  4. I plan on going to LL Bean and buying a couple of hundred dollars there very soon. I buy there clothes and boots all the time. They guarantee everything for life. I bought a pair of boots there had them two years. The seam stitching ripped a bit they gave me a new pair no hassles and twenty dollars because they were on sale. I love LL Bean.

  5. Your going to boycott a buisness because they don't think the way you think….? America has always been the most sofisticated country in the world because we have merged race and religion succesfully… I'm ashamed that hate and bullying is being projected in our America. I grew up in the Bay Area with a mixed religious and political family. My mother said ,"don't ever put someone down if they have a different belief or opinion."………………………..

  6. Go Trump… Go L.L Bean

  7. Trump is GOAT

  8. Love llbean. Amazing company. Don't want no hipster liberal ass losers wearing bean boots anyways!! I'm from Maine, I usually would be annoyed with this publicity. I think it's despicable they're attacking Linda Bean for her political views.. All of Maine is pretty conservative. No surprise there. You'll only find liberals along the coast, won't find any in the woods because they're (cough) pussies. But because of this liberals across America will stop buying bean boots to go along with their pathetic hipster look. Thank God!!

  9. LL Bean's business is centered on people enjoying the outdoors, which the Trump Administration has made no commitment to protect.

  10. Boycott L.L. Bean!

  11. I don't like being told what to do. Not from the boycott people and not from a President Elect. I am capable to make my own decisions either way. The ethic department needs to step in. Singling one company out from a list of many is something our politicians should not do. A boycott hurts the employees, telling me where to buy hurts my intelligence.

  12. When I heard this story about LL Bean what did I do? I went to their site, put myself on the mailing list and bought a bunch of socks! Why? Because as our ''lame-duck''(heh-heh) president once said: ''It's the right thing to do…''

  13. I can picture the future scenario:
    Every time a member of the Trump Administration communicates with the public, there will be a "commercial break" every few minutes to promote some business that has heaped praise upon King Donald. He is a dictator waiting to happen.

  14. Just ordered a dozen hats with LL Bean logo. Will be passing these out to my friends!!!

  15. great advertising for the company ,isn`t it?

  16. Maine is one of the poorest states in the country . LL Bean provides a lot of excellent jobs boycotting them is no different than supporting a government shutdown.

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