$6,105 Selling 150 Shoes on eBay! (How to)

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How to sell shoes on eBay.
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How We Sold 150 Pairs of Shoes Online! (FULL GUIDE)

The reason I wanted to show you these numbers is because I believe this model is entirely attainable for a one person show. Obviously we have many moving parts in our business but if one person focused on just shoes and used sell hound to list, there’s definitely a lot of profit to be made.

$14 on average profit per pair of shoes.

1000 pairs a year = $14,000
2000 pairs a year = $28,000
5000 pairs a year = $70,000 – at a $15 per unit buy price.

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$6,105 Selling 150 Shoes on eBay! (How to)
$6,105 Selling 150 Shoes on eBay! (How to)
  1. Awesome content would love to see more in the future! Were most of these from thrift stores? I was wondering how many thrift stores you guys had in your area that you go to frequently?

  2. why the shipping cost is so cheap ?

  3. Sad the "Sell Hound" app doesn't work in Canada… 🙁

  4. Great video. It would be awesome if Ebay would integrate this type of technology (sellhound) into their app.

  5. Thank you!! I’ve been wanting to have help and the 25% discount code has helped me commit to it 🙂

  6. I DID IT!!! 🎉🎉🎉👍😀 I signed up for the 400 listing pkg using the RALLIROOTS25 code and it saved me like $187 off of the $750! 🙏 Thank you 😊 I’m really hoping this will be my saving grace ❤️❤️❤️


  8. Are you happy with the price they suggest for you or do you always change that yourself?

  9. Are you still using the Sellhound app to list shoes?

  10. Thank you for this info. I was going to sell all my shoes at a garage sale, but not now!

  11. Excellent content as usual but I do think the time it's taking you to submit information to sellhound you could have had the listing completed. I suppose it's because I don't have a specific type of product that I sell and I have a specific way of doing things which no one can replicate.

  12. Pretty sure she's the best looking woman in reselling

  13. You guys are awesome! Love your energy. Always tuning in♡

  14. Great video!!! In the video you mentioned you only clean up the higher selling shoes. Does that apply to the clothes you sell also?

  15. Do you pay upfront on Sellhound? Or do they take it when the item sells?

  16. His presentation was precise & very easy to follow. Great work both of you!

  17. Thank you guys for all the wonderful content and inspiration, how can I sign up for sellhound the website doesn't have a sign up button and the app keeps freezing is this common

  18. Hey guys, thank you for this excellent video. Just used Sellhound for the first time yesterday and made my first post to eBay this morning. I've been wanting to get into the shoes side of re-selling but have been afraid to commit because of ignorance on the subject, so I'd stand there looking at shoes for 20 minutes before walking away empty handed. Your videos have broadened my shoe knowledge substantially and I finally took the leap and began buying shoes. Thank you very much.

    I have one question. Since you like to go with free shipping, are you combining the Sellhound price suggestions once they are posted to eBay to show free shipping?
    Example: Sellhound Price Suggestion $51.99, Shipping Suggestion $9.95 = $61.94 with free shipping.

  19. Question. Hi guys.

    On the sell hound they come up with the suggested prices for sell and for shipping?
    Do you find you make a lot of adjustments of those prices?

  20. Nice tips! Thanks for your work, this inspire me

  21. Thank you guys. You are awesome! Trying to start my resale business . You were the first source I saw on YouTube.
    I appreciate your support!

  22. Hello guys, how do you clean your shoes? And if they need some repairs do you do that as well? What condition is too bad to fix or sell? Let me know, thanks!

  23. Happy to see the shoes that do so well, I’m lucky finding similar 👍 Great video!! thank you!!

  24. I love your videos. I just got into flipping. I have a couple questions. I am new on eBay. Is the fees you pay on eBay cheaper if you charge shipping with lower cost of the show or it doesn’t make any difference? And i hear from other people told me that I should only be a specialize in one area then all over the place? Will it make me more business because it looks like I know what I am selling?? I am looking only getting into shoes because I know lot and styles about them.

  25. Do you need to have an eBay store subscription to be able to link sell hound to your eBay account? Thanks! I really enjoy your channel.

  26. What was your sell-through rate for the SellHound shoe test?

  27. I just got into shoes sometimes I fine good ones at Ross or Goodwill they do well

  28. Shoes are low hanging fruit…if you can't source/sell shoes, you need to find some other type of opportunity.

  29. I don't see how you can make any real profit. minus what you paid for them. Keene and L L Bean and so many more are sold for the price listed at our Goodwill. Maine

  30. The hardest thing for me is sourcing I can't find things to make me a profit

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