Goodwill Thrift Haul – Selling to Make $$ on Ebay

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I buy things from thrift stores, yard sales and flea markets and sell them online. Finding new homes for useful goods that might otherwise end up as trash in a landfill is a satisfying way to earn money to supplement my income. I hope you’ll find some useful information here if you’d like to give it a try.

My Ebay store, where you can shop for things you see in my haul videos, is here:

I’m an Amazon Associate: if you shop using my links, I may receive a small commission.
My absolute favorite brand and size of lint roller, Scotch-Brite. I’ve tried them all, and this is my choice:
For all your thread snipping needs:

Someday I’ll talk about my complicated relationship with Poshmark. We’ve had our moments, but now isn’t one of them. My very tiny Poshmark closet is here:

My business email is [email protected] but I check it mostly never, because it is full of messages from Ebay, the USPS and every store website I’ve ever visited . If you really want to communicate directly, send me a DM on Instagram @restylesecrets. Until I’m exponentially more popular there, I get wiggly excited when I receive IG direct messages.

My YouTube and Instagram names (Restyle Secrets) don’t match my Ebay and Poshmark names (style secrets) because DIY branding is worth about what you pay for it.

Living can be serious business, but it doesn’t have to be either one.

Goodwill Thrift Haul – Selling to Make $$ on Ebay
Goodwill Thrift Haul – Selling to Make $$ on Ebay
  1. You and your videos are perfect just the way they are !!! Thank you for sharing your beautiful clothing and your new business model 🌼💮🌹💐🌸🌻

  2. Love the idea of a re-haul!! So genius! Would love to see how the things are selling. Especially those shorts from last time! A margarita goes perfect with that versatile cover-up!

  3. Nice haul!! Enjoy your video’s Heidi! 🌸💕

  4. Great video! So many amazing finds! I love your energy!💛

  5. Yes! Love to see a Re-haul! And it goes with your name, Re-haul with Restyle Secrets.

    Oh, and I just love to watch your videos. Entertaining, educational, and conversational.

  6. I love that hand bag!!!! Yes do a rehaul video ….great idea….something different….as always love your videos! ❤️

  7. I love the overdone cabana wear ! And I would also style it with a wide brim hat and ridiculously large margarita while staying dry and tan. lol 😂 Thank you so much for always making me smile and for that great insight on pricing things at the moment. I never thought of that ! but it’s true. I will definitely be more careful how i price summer styles and not get swept up in cold weather sale comps. thank you 🙏💗

  8. The only thing the coverup is missing is some leopard print. That handbag is to die for.

  9. I'd have dinner with the captain in that beautiful kaftan! Heidi you are a natural! Love, love your commentary.

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