We found 2 Carts of stuff while we were out running errands!

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Tools and Supplies we use!
– Dr. Martens Wonder Balsam
– Shipping Scale
– 9×12 Self Seal Clear Cellophane Bags
– 13×15 Self Seal Clear Cellophane Bags
– 19×24 White Poly Mailers
– 10×13 Panda Poly Mailers
– 10×13 Sweet Macaron Poly Mailers
– 10×13 Ice Cream Poly Mailers
– 10×13 Dala Horse Poly Mailers
– You’ve Got Great Taste Stickers
– LED 4′ Lights (pack of 6)
– Soft box Wall/Ceiling Mount 5/8″ Stud

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We found 2 Carts of stuff while we were out running errands!
We found 2 Carts of stuff while we were out running errands!
  1. You could always hand wash the sleeves of the jacket just to get the dirt off 😊

  2. On your vintage Levi Denim jacket, i would steam it. Great haul.🤗

  3. Please Wash I'm interested in picking it up.

  4. My dad wears 33 and it’s always hard to find!

  5. Everytime I wash vintage it makes things worse lol. Things bleed. Maybe denim will be easier. I’m 2004 not calling myself vintage either 😂 we’re still young 🤣

  6. Don’t wash the Levi’s jacket spot clean it if you can…

  7. I’d wash the jacket on cold🤷🏻‍♀️ hang to dry. Sorry Chris!😂

  8. Found that same Big Dog pattern in a pair of swim trunks Size 3xl, but the elastic was shot. So sad! I always pick up Big Dog items. Sell well for me.

  9. “It’s vintage dirt” 😂🤣😂 💀

  10. Random question… what size boxes do y'all use to store all of your items?

  11. Love your videos. I learn a ton. Wondering: do you wait to list your winter boots and whatnot? I have a few winter items and am debating.

  12. It should be ok to wash Levis Jacket but don't dry it in the dryer. Take pics of tag, and buttons both front and rear, as there are alot of fakes out there.
    The jeans that you don't wash often are selvage denim. You jacket most likely is not selvage denim. Good finds.

  13. I have a question about a Chico's button up top that I bought at the thrift store. The size tag is missing. Any idea how to size it? I don't have any others to compare it to. Thanks for your help:)

  14. Don't wash the jean jacket,if needed just spot clean it, it is worth the extra effort.

  15. Bowling shoes resell well. I sold my old ones for about what I paid for them including shipping

  16. I would totally have to wash that Levi's Jacket! Lol But maybe instead of in the washing machine, just spot clean it and wash the sleeves/cuffs.

  17. I think use a wash cloth with soap on the Levi jacket dirt vs the rigorous machine…

  18. Good finds as always. Gotta ask – how long do you typically spend shopping in a thrift store on average?

  19. What shelf system do you use for your boxes that you store your inventory in. I heard you get the boxes at Walmart was curious about the wall shelf unit?

  20. You two totally deserve new patio furniture and I’m glad you splurged on something for the whole family. Good job!

  21. Just found your channel and subscribed. Good content. I think I'd wash it or at least spot clean. Rather it fall apart on my end than theirs. Keep up the good work! God bless

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