What Clothing Sells Best on eBay? Top 5 Womens Items

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What Clothing Sells Best on eBay? Top 5 Womens Items
What Clothing Sells Best on eBay? Top 5 Womens Items
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  1. Hello Suzanne; I started watching your videos, oh about a few weeks ago. I enjoy them and maybe one day soon I can join you for your seminars. I am a new ebay seller and do pretty good. I have soooo many high brands and family and friends give me, even though I do purchase a lot as well. But, I need to list what I have first before buying any more irresistible items, lol. My largest draw back is "listings." I used to be very organized, but recently, it's just taking me longer to list than to buy. my new goal is to list at least one item a day so that I can reach 30 per month. I really can't afford to hire someone to handle my listings right now. I would like to see a video on managing your ebay spread sheet, and receive a really good sample spreadsheet. I've seen many on youtube, but can't seem to download it or get started designing my own. I buy, try and record, clean, iron, photo, write descriptions, price and list. Recording all items and following up is falling behind. I can't hire an accountant either at this point. I do have a recording book (recently bought), but time to record is, just not my cup of tea. I know all the things you are probably going to encourage me to do already, but thought I would share. Maybe you can share some encouraging and motivating words. I really need to get this together quickly. I am retired, and need to supplement income. Please Help!

  2. Thank you Suzanne, I am addicted to your videos with such great info. My problem is wanting to sit and watch your videos all day and not getting things listed!! You put info in such practical ways to understand, please keep them coming!! Love them

  3. Great video!

  4. Great information. I would like more of this kind . Maybe a Top 15 or 20 women's clothing items & a top 15 or 20 men's clothing items.

  5. Great generic item options, I hadn't considered many of them! 💕

  6. Do the swimwear bottoms have to be new with tags?

  7. GREAT info to help me up my clothing sales!

  8. Excellent video. It was very informative. Could you do a video on eBay fees and how to incorporate that into the price of the item your selling please. This is my biggest barrier to getting on eBay is knowing if I'm going to make any money after fees.

  9. I found helpful your comments on the Irish linen shift dress. I don't do "rag picking" as I have mobility problems, but I wonder if it would be a good idea to get some Irish Linen black dresses in three or four sizes manufactured for resell new on Ebay. Do you think it would be a good seller on a day in day out basis, provided I can get my manufacturer in Asia to produce a quality product at a reasonable price? I have got things manufatured in the past when I was selling on a regular basis, but after several surgeries, I just lost interest for awhile. I'm keen to get back to it now. I once purchased a particular style formal dress I found at a sale and sent it to China to copy it. I had to reorder several times and eventually sold over 700 of that one style.

  10. Thanks, good to know when I go shopping. Subbed

  11. thanks …. 🙂

  12. Great video! Though I prefer selling men's clothing, I find this video very informative. Glad I found you. Thank you very much Suzanne. Keep up the good work!

  13. Going to have to Google "camel hair" to see if it's from an actual camel or will it say that on the label…

  14. WOuld like VIdeo on what constitutes NWOT. Another video like what to say in description, I.e., "before leaving negative feedback, contact me to "make it right". should statements like this be added….. good idea, or bad idea… Although if you have done an honest listing perhaps you would not need a statement like this… Thanks Suzanne ! Love your videos !

  15. Suzanne you rock😃😃 thank you for sharing. I wish you much success👏👏👏

  16. Would you believe I have NEVER owned a black dress, and would never think to even buy one. Putting it on my list. Zip off hiking pants! I have a pair, but haven't listed them for 5 yrs because I didn't know what to call it! Swimsuits: I always turn them inside out and show a spotless crotch! I hope they're still here.

  17. Men’s brands, top shoes. Mens and women’s, tops kids brands, top misc. items that bring money .. ie. collectibles, houseware, video games, books, electronics, is there anything else you sell that brings good money

  18. Thanks for sharing! I think you’re right on the money with your pricing. You must have a really well priced thrift store. Those are prices I get with a coupon usually. I don’t have any luck with the J.Jill and Talbots for some reason even with Cashmere… I have found that some people just have better luck with specific items. I think this is the unexplained mystery of eBay. Someone may be able to sell Talbots cashmere sweaters all day for 40.00 but I can’t give them away at 20.00, yet I have better luck with brands other sellers don’t. I think it’s all about creating a “ theme” or brand… a commonality amongst all the items you sell. Whether it be Size, style, brand… loved it and thanks for sharing!

  19. Thank you SO much for all these helpful juicy tips! Your tip (in a different video) about listing things on a consistent regular basis to help Cassini see your shop as "active" was such a weight lifted for me! I can list a little bit each day but always felt like that wasn't good enough because I should be dumping heaps into my store at once so your tip really shifted my perspective and has helped my mindset as well as my shop sales!!! I'm SO grateful for you!

  20. The first subject you brought up absolutely drives me nuts! Like you, I've heard so many time times, "this is out of season-it won't sell now". Like you, exasperated, I tell them, LIST IT! It will sell! Temps are different all over the place and you don't know where this will be going. Also, people are preparing for vacations, (ok you just said that as I was typing). I have a hard time convincing people and it's frustrating. Also, re: the lined black sleeveless dress, even if it isn't warm or going somewhere where it isn't warm, people often wear a blazer with sleeveless or short-sleeved items. A lot of people don't really think of these things, and I don't know why. Anyway, great tips, agree 100%, love your straight-forward content as always. 😉

  21. Reply
    elizabeth frederick December 9, 2017 at 6:01 pm

    very good

  22. How about videos on how to handle taxes on your eBay profits?

  23. I purchased my first 100% Cashmere pullover today for $2.50 ( Bloomingdales ) at an Estate sale. I am thrilled because it is black!!! Thanks for your inspiration.

  24. Very helpful video so thanks! Do you have any problems with your listing disappearing?

  25. I can’t seem to move Talbot’s clothing. I don’t pick it up anymore, when I’m out.

  26. Another great video, thank you! In response to your request for future video topics: How about taking us along for a thrift store haul? Granted, there are many other eBay seller hauls I've already watched on YouTube but you are so detailed. I'd love to see your experience and discerning eye in action!

  27. Do u have a video on international shipping?

  28. can you make a video about lots. selling items in lots weather thats good or helpful to sale?

  29. All of those items you mentioned are more than 3.00 at my thrift stores.

  30. Thanks for this awesome video! Where do you get your inventory ?

  31. Thank you again for another great video. Need an income with taking care of my Dad and need to downsize; too much vintage around here with lots of old tools. I had a shop and then did craft shows and before that was always going to the thrift stores and flea markets and yard sales; moved home several times with my purchases. Furniture, tools, pictures….. lots of vintage… need to downsize. I don't need to buy; just sell.

  32. Reply
    IT Administrator Thudufushi April 25, 2018 at 3:54 am

    where do you source these clothes from?

  33. I agree…us old farts are getting up there and we do a lot of water exercise classes and we swim because our joints don't hurt in the water. It keeps us alive long enough to start a new e-bay business at 50+! Thank you for your tips. I know brands, this taught me what items to buy, not just because of the brand. Great job.

  34. Suzanne has good videos , but her stuff is way to conservative and , brands for more mature women for my liking, even though I am not to far off. She appears to "stiff" for me

  35. Great tips, Suzanne!

  36. Thank you once again! I learn so much from your videos. 😀

  37. Thanks Suzanne. I'm trying to diversify my selling in terms of what products I can push out. My wife laughs at me. Obviously, this is not my area of expertise.

    To answer your question, I would really like to see a video that covers the presentation of these clothes. I purchased a few mannequins online and I'm waiting for them to come in. Obviously, presentation grabbing the buyers attention is probably the most critical piece of this. Would love to hear your feedback.

  38. I would like to see a video on clothing labels. Specifically on the differences in labels from the same designer/manufacturer, like Ralph Lauren, Lauren, Polo etc.

  39. Reply
    Thrift Shop Hustler January 2, 2019 at 6:24 am

    Your videos are super amazing!

  40. yea we cant even come close to the prices you pay. shirts start at 6.99, dresses 12.99, skirt suits 24.99 ( mens jackets too) Shoes 9.99 to 24.99. Unfortunately most sellers on youtube are in areas that have prices you can compete with. We dont so we have to be extremely careful to buy vintage or higher end. Best place to thrift seems to be Florida, they pay like 3 bucks each for clothes. I do thank you for all the videos, very good information and well planned out.

  41. Hi Suzanne, watched this video then went thrifting. I couldn’t believe it, but I found a Talbots Irish Linen Beautiful pink dress. Kind of like a classic LBD but pink, beautiful for spring or Easter…. Sold it within a week, at price point you suggested… just wanted to thank you for this video and all your videos. They are really helpful with great tips, and suggestions that really work!!! Thanks again.

  42. Hi Suzanne, I'm an Ebay Seller (Pinksparklehorse) and appreciate all the great Ebay tips and your informative videos on selling.

  43. If I wanna ship international, which shipping method should I use

  44. Thank you. I love selling swimwear so it was great to see this.

  45. I will never buy a blouse, dress or skirt or pants, shorts online ever again. Sorry, had a bad experience buying womens clothing online for me.

  46. Very practical. I have been streaming you for days! Thanks so much 😁

  47. Great video again, Suzanne! I watched them all and have learned so much from you and my fellow eBayer‘s. I would love it if you would do a video or two on bookkeeping especially now that we have managed payments. Maybe you have some out there that I am not aware of, but that is the bane of my existence in my business! I think there’s a hole in my brain where all of this information is supposed to store. I do everything by pen and paper. I run between 300 and 500 listings at a time and sell are usually sell 30 to 60 items a month…

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