Four Ways to Keep Mosquitos & BlackFlies Away!!

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These are four ways in which we deal with mosquitos and black flies here in Northern Ontario where these insects are EXTRA nasty! Thanks for watching! Please Subscribe! Doug
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Four Ways to Keep Mosquitos & BlackFlies Away!!
Four Ways to Keep Mosquitos & BlackFlies Away!!
  1. DEET by far is the best all around repellent for applying to your body. Outside of that, I swear by my thermacells. I have one attached to my hip at all times out in the bush. Foraging, fishing, hiking, anything that I’m doing that is going to have me near bugs. I’ve heard of the cardboard trick, but haven’t tried it yet. We have a ton of egg cartons, but we need em to sell our eggs in!! Great video guys. We have a homemade ‘afterbite’ concoction that I should send you a sample of. It’s made out of the birch oil we make. Cheers!

  2. Loved the videos! Tracy Phillips sent me over!

  3. Love that intro…DEET is good, but the older stuff that causes cancer worked better😀

  4. Aw man…. I thought you two were going to do another tasting. Those repellents probably rival some of the MRE’s you’ve tried! 😉
    Good stuff, as always, guys.

  5. I’ve never done the fogger thing, not sure I would to be honest. One method I do use is I keep a small pile of fresh green spruce bows handy and every so often throw one in the fire and create a good cloud. They hate that! The Timmies tray works better than one might think👍
    Good one guys!

  6. I love anything that keeps blood suckers away! I didn't know that about DEET over 30% being as effective but perhaps not as long. That was interesting for sure! I was kinda wondering the other day about that when I was choosing between Off Backwoods and some of the other options. Have you ever tried Sawyers insect repellent with Picardin. Seems to work fairly well for me too.

  7. Great advice Doug and Jamie…
    i normally use a product called
    ArrowGard, it works great here in Australia but i have seen that
    Bug fog at Costco… I've never tried it, but I'm going to next time I'm out fishing,
    good thing about that is you don't have to spray your hands which my put the fish of the cents… Thanks for sharing Guys ATB Jim.

  8. Your video backdrops are second to none! I appreciate the insect repellent info, if it's good enough for your area it has to be good enough for me. Well done fellas

  9. A dried cow turd smoldering on your fire works really good too, not the most pleasant thing, but definitely works. Good stuff brother!

  10. I've travelled all over the world and have never experienced anything worse than Northern Ontario Black fly, Horse fly and mosquitoes. No doubt about it, DEET is the best repellent. Toxic s**t though, I once melted my watch band right into my skin using it. Kept the bugs away though, lol! Great video guys!

  11. Awesome! I didn’t know the drink tray one. We usually make a green fire. Green leaves or wood that Smokey really badly when burned. We do this while setting up tents and the camp. SkinSoSoft bath oil from Avon works too. Rub it on. Mosquitos hate it. Great video!

  12. Good video Doug very useful . You can also cover your self with mud if you had nothing else thanks for sharing atb

  13. FOGGER?! How did we miss that one?! We tried just about everything in Alaska…so big you could RIDE the mosquitos!! Ruined our outside time, had to eat in the RV…not so bad on the trail, tho! Went in June, cuz they claimed that they weren’t so bad😬😉🙋‍♀️Lisa

  14. Great review and tips, guys! Will look for Lloyds. Any thoughts on the impact of this stuff on plastics and phones and drones? Always worried about stuff like that eating into plastic.

  15. Good video, some really good info there nothing worse than being feasted on by bugs when outdoors 👍👍

  16. Last year I got ate up bad doing some night fishing that first time. Next time I bought some deep woods off for Russ and I to use and they didn't bother us. I couldn't believe what a difference it made. Good bug repellent is a much out there at night! 💪👍💯

  17. I've never come across the fogger before guys. Thanks for sharing. Of course black fly but also the pesky midges. I reckon these products would do well over here. Mark

  18. 100% deet also will eat any plastic it can find. Usually something you really like or need. Never heard of the paper tray thing. And don't forget the deer flies. Thank you for the tips, Doug and Jamie

  19. Good advice! The bugs are the worst part of camping! Otherwise we love the great outdoors!

  20. Don't have those problems in CO, but appreciate the insight.

  21. Great information friends.  After all of the rain here in the states, mosquitos are heavy this year.  Not as bad as your way however.  Peace friends, John.

  22. I'm gonna try that fogger next time I'm catfishing I think to see if that won't keep the skeeters away.
    Thanks for all the info on deet.

  23. The best 'deet' is total absence from the wild outdoors during summer season, lol! Deet is a sticky dirty thing that's sweated out too. More open waters and windy campsites prevents using all those products, but sometimes it's a necessity when those sites aren't accessable. Liked the egg carton idea though…

  24. Good advice guys. Besides mosquitoes and Black Flies here in NH we’re having to deal with Ticks… Hate em !
    But treating your clothes with Permethrin really does the trick. Spray it on , let it dry , good for a couple of weeks. Cheers

  25. Great tips you guys, nobody wants to get eaten alive by bugs! 😀

  26. Thank you very much Doug for all the great suggestions. Over the spring, doing my outdoor aerial videos, I encountered black flies, mosquitoes, ticks and most recently got a nasty looking bite on my arm from the little brother of a horse fly which I call a deer fly. Thanks again for sharing. Hope you have a great weekend.

  27. Thanks for sharing guys.. Not sure why you want to kill the mosquitos, they have to live too lol.. Full View Like 65..

  28. Good tips and video, always need repellent in Ontario.
    💖😉 +1 LIKE

  29. Nice review and brief explanation guys, mosquitoes and bugs are just one of those things that come with camping, but certainly there are ways to keep them away from us.All the best.

  30. DEET is the SHEET!
    And so is the Tim trays.
    Awesome vid bros!

  31. Great video! New subscriber here. I did a video like this and its cool to see someone else do something similar. Thanks for sharing!

  32. Awesome video for summertime. The mosquitoes and flies can drive you nuts. Great tip about the egg carton. Never knew that before. Cool video Doug.and Jamie 👍

  33. I'd prefer to use a flame thrower against those little vampire beasts, but "jungle juice" (100% DEET) is what I have – it works pretty well. If I know I'm going to be out among 'em in a day or so, I sometimes put my outdoor clothes into a big black trash bag, squirt in a healthy dose of jungle juice, close the bag up and let it sit overnight. Next day, when I need them, the clothes have all absorbed enough DEET to keep the bugs at bay. I like the smoking egg carton idea too! Cheers.

  34. Chemical weapons for insects is common knowledge, but cardboard trays, who knew? I'll definitely be trying it out.

  35. is there something in the egg carton cardboard or will any old cardboard really work for this?

  36. What is safe for pet dogs ?
    How can protect dog?

  37. Deet will eat your watch band ( plastic) and your sunglasses. Also your nice UV protective clothing, like shirts and Buffs. Use caution when applying. Permethrin works great on most clothing. That cup carton trick just blew my mind!

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