Petite Style | What to Wear When You're Short

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Are you petite? This video will show you tips and tricks to dress to look taller and slimmer. You will learn what styles to avoid and what to wear when you’re short. Watch to see examples styles best for your petite body. These are petite styling tips that will help you look taller and slimmer.

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Petite Style | What to Wear When You're Short
Petite Style | What to Wear When You're Short
  1. What's your biggest petite style challenge?

  2. Excellent video!

  3. Thankyou so much Sheila for all my questions answered! I have written down all your suggestions to take with me when shopping. I now have the appropriate solutions to all my fashion mistakes and look forward to implementing them. Turning 57 has been difficult to dress as some of my clothes look too young for me now, especially as I'm not colouring my hair anymore, now a silver sister! But I don't want to dress too old either, so keeping style simpler and following your great tips. Thanks again and I've just become a subscriber 😊

  4. Helpful tips, thank you. Most people, including those who design clothing brands, regard petite as 5’4” or under. I’m a just-petite, at 5’4”, but I have a very small frame, narrow shoulders and hips, and a short torso. My biggest challenges are: 1) tops and dresses that are too long, making my favorite, V, necklines too low-cut and straps that fall off my shoulders; 2) shoulders of garments being way too wide, most jackets and tops have a 5” shoulder seam, but I need, at the very most, a 4”; and 3) trousers that are too big in the hips, if I’m to have decent fit at my slightly thick waist. Another complicating factor is having a naturally large bust, DD/E cup, but I know that’s for another video. Subscribed, from San Francisco.

  5. Those huge, super-long, bulky sweaters that are so popular just look awful on us petites, as do any oversized, extra-long, boxy garments, Teddy coats/jackets, etc., they’re everywhere, too. I also won’t wear capri/mid-calf pants or tunics, they make me look stumpy, especially together, a popular look for mature women that I think is super-unflattering, dated and aging. It can also be difficult to find accessories of the right scale, when I’ve looked at “mature” brands, everything is scaled bigger to work on bigger women. On me, these make me look like a little girl wearing Mommie’s jewelry.

  6. The average fit model is at least 5’7”, clothes are designed for that height, and the average petite model is 5’4”, which is not that short, and is actually the US average height for women (average size is 14-16, or XL at most brands). Clothes are designed for size 2 women. How many of us are really 5’7” or more and a size 2 or smaller? Not very many, especially in our mature age group. I think Medium sizes should be designed for the average height and weight of us customers, not models. I’m sick of having to hem my trousers 9” shorter and I’m 5’4”!

  7. My challenge many times buying clothes that are too big or long for my body size, but am getting better as age. I usually give my clothes away to my Mom and my daughter after buying and maybe wearing them once or none at all..

  8. I am confused now on shoes. You first said match shoes to your hemline, then later it was wear skin toned shoes. Which is it?

  9. I really have to disagree about the foot. Most petite women have small feet. I wear a 5 and get compliments often on my small feet and pretty shoes. I love sparkly and fancy shoes.

  10. Firstly, the "petite" manufacturing criteria these days is 5'4" and under. I'm barely 5'1" and find that it is becoming increasingly difficult to find any petite clothing, other than in JJill, Chico's (but only on line) Talbots, Loft and Ann Taylor. Stores that used to cater to petites have disappeared, and the space taken over by plus size stores. Petite sizing is to do with proportion only, and has nothing to do with what size you are. Liz Claiborne (remember them?) used to do a plus size petite line – but again that has disappeared. I don't want to look taller -what's wrong with being short? Most of these tips apply to all women, not just petite. The only thing I would absolutely agree with is to keep prints small, avoid shoes that are too heavy looking, but chunky knits can look fabulous as long as the rest of the outfit balances the bulk (which again, is true for any size).

  11. Thank you for sharing this.

  12. i am 5 flat only. broad shoulder 😂😂

  13. I am 5 '3 and love velvet in fall and winter. I don't feel it adds bulk at all. I feel elegant and luxurious in it. Totally agree about chunky shoes.

  14. Great info. I always struggle buying shoes!!

  15. Thank you thank you thank you! Will put all your tips into practice right away😘

  16. thank you. great video

  17. One of my pet peeves about buying petite clothing is that some brands' shorten the rise of the pants, making the waist sit too low on my 5'1" frame. I am 59 and have become thick around the middle.
    I have found that if I buy the 'Tall' size the waist is perfect and if I like it well enough it is worth paying a tailor to hem it to my inseam, which is 28 in.

  18. I find all these tips for petite women focus on looking taller to be annoying. Phooey! I'm 5'2" and I can't do anything about that. Good things come in small packages and I don't need to look like a runway model to be attractive. The tips about prints and some of the proportion suggestions on all sites are good. Enjoy who you are and stop worrying about not meeting some made up ideal.

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