Realistic 72 Hour Emergency Bug Out Bag #survival

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A friend mentioned to me they were racking their brain over what the contents of their 72 hour bug out bag should be. No sweat, no big deal. Is easy as pie. Here I show how simple it can be to come up with useful contents.

Realistic 72 Hour Emergency Bug Out Bag #survival
Realistic 72 Hour Emergency Bug Out Bag #survival
  1. If you're out there longer then 3 days…. You shouldn't have brought a kit like this…. πŸ€¦πŸ€·πŸ€£πŸ˜‚


  2. Hey Dave, great video and great advice!

  3. Hey Dave,
    Where did yup get the Gortex military jacket and the Machete?

  4. I think that your videos are awesome I just wanna let you know keep going it’s very helpful

  5. First time it was great

  6. Where did you get the machete with knife, and ferro rod in one sheath

  7. 8:06 you misspoke. "There's a difference between purifying and filtering"

  8. For those of us who've managed to survive to October of A.D.2021, here's a thought.

    Based on events of the last two years, people who really wish to ensure the survival of their family and other loved ones should absolutely reject the old "72 Hours" guidelines for their shelter in-place / bug-in / bug-out / grab'n'go kits / bags / duffles.

    You heard it here first! The new standard should be supplies necessary to keep body & soul together not for 72 hours, but for **144** hours!

    I kid y'all not!

  9. Where can I get that lighter container?…?
    Great videos.

  10. Thanks for the reminder! I carry a poncho for shelter, but I forgot to add the rain suit, because once you set up the poncho you no longer have rain coverage when you have to leave the shelter for firewood and restroom.


  12. Once again I appreciate breaking down kits. Skilled minimalist versus average Joe. Realistic 72 hrs estimated travel from place of work to home, or from home to safety. Change the kit's contents as the seasonal weather conditions change or the location for use (urban versus rural) changes.

  13. Cover your ass in camo gear and you will stick out like sore thumb. You won’t last a day. Other people are the real problem and you need to blend in with the local crowd.

  14. Honestly some time I whim to assist u in selling ur gears without salary bcoz, I like u very much bcoz,ur way of affectionately conversation impressed me my dear frnd.

  15. I've been listening to a multitude of bushcrafts "experts" for many many years and a lot of them make it seem like you're lucky to even be able to listen to them I just started watching your videos just wanted to say I like your easier going way of presenting things …good job

  16. did I miss it or did you leave out cordage in the minimalist kit?

  17. It's so painful when someone tells you in the eyes that you are not Rambo πŸ˜€

  18. Hello from Macedonia im new here love you compass videos

  19. Agreed. I always teach ppl to accept their knowledge first then pack and go out and use it

  20. Good info bro and I love your gear room

  21. Exceedingly informative, and useful. It is clear that advice is from actual experience.

  22. veggie oil offers 4000 calories to the lb. So you can mix 1 lb of it with 2, maybe 3 lbs of diced, boiled, then fried cambium. Cambium is 600 calories to the lb. It's GOT to be properly prepped, or your body can't get any nutrition out of it and it MUST be consumed with fatty-enough food, or it wont go thru your guts. 80 lbs of veggie oil on the bike as walk beside it and push it, your BOB on your back, maybe using your trailer for part of the load. is 320,000 calories. with say, 160,000 calories of cambium and if you know to hole up in a debris-stuffed tunnel, you'd have enough food to get you thru 200 days. If you can catch any fish, dogs, cats, etc, that should get you thru another couple of months of shtf and maybe you'lll get thru another 1-2 months on your bodyfat ( EYE surely could, dang it). Given a lot of netting, trotlines, Rotenone fish-poison, bird lime, steel traps, cable snares, salt, it should be feasible to harvest a few hundred lbs of such during the first month of shtf. Maybe then so many will be dead that you can get away with small, hidden plots of sprouts, then root veggies and peanuts. Great future to contemplate, eh? πŸ™‚

  23. "Feet, hands, neck, balls, extra socks warms them all".

    And the psychological value of getting into the sack after a long day, run a medical wipe across your body and then putting on warm and dry socks, shirt and underpants is just amazing.

  24. Gloves are real handy. Hahahaha

  25. Another thing to add the kit would be Mors Korschanski's 2 Kilo survival kit which is what is put in a pot like what you have.. A good video, thanks πŸ‘πŸ‘
    Reasons you may not want to be at home:
    1. In laws you don't like are coming
    2. Politicians are coming for a rally
    3. Going to the next town for concert of your favorite band
    4. Your neighbors family is visiting and they always make noise while they are there.
    For me, I just want to get away from people for 3 or 4 days and just camp.

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