How to Fly Cast: The 4-Part Cast | L.L.Bean

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There are four parts to a fly cast: the pickup, back cast stop, forward stop, and presentation. We’ll walk you through these steps and have you casting in no time.


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How to Fly Cast: The 4-Part Cast | L.L.Bean
How to Fly Cast: The 4-Part Cast | L.L.Bean
  1. You forgot the part about getting your fly caught in the branch behind you, breaking off on the forward cast, muttering words of frustration, tying on new leader/tippet, and fly. This is a 15min process 😊

  2. please, give more info on your Streamlight Ultra II Two-Handed Fly Rod, 7-9 Wt.
    nothing online, no line recommendations, no rod wieght.

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