How to Cross-Country Ski | L.L.Bean

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L.L.Bean Outdoor Discovery School instructor Kevin Hinds provides step-by-step instructions to get you started with Cross-Country (Nordic) skiing. It can be enjoyed in a nearby field or trail and is a great way to get outdoors and stay fit during the winter months. Learn more at

How to Cross-Country Ski | L.L.Bean
How to Cross-Country Ski | L.L.Bean
  1. After taking my first ever ski lesson last Sunday, in preparation for April 2015 North Pole expedition with Polar Explorers, this was a huge help!

  2. Im sorry to tell you but That technique was very bad..

  3. "There are two types of skiers: ones that are going to fall, and ones that have fallen" LOL

  4. My wife is thinking about us doing this, looks kinda silly to me

  5. is cross country skiing easy to learn if you know how to downhill ski?

  6. I have literally never heard of a right and left ski.

  7. are we really that bad to learn this

  8. I have been x-country skiing several years and my greatest nemesis has been getting up after a fall :o( THANK YOU for showing a technique that is so much easier than anything I've tried before!!

  9. what a wonderful technique to get up….. love it, now to practice

  10. i mointain ski but i have never cross cauntrir skiied and i bombed a hill with my cross countrie skiis and broke my rist and my ankle

  11. that is the easy part lets talk about going down hills-lol

  12. LL bean in Edina, minnesota galleria mall is the world worst store. No joke

  13. God bless Maine Businesses…♻️

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