My 10 Alone Items

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Here are my 10 Alone Items. Season 6 of Alone is starting soon and I wanted to share the 10 items I would take with me.
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My 10 Alone Items
My 10 Alone Items
  1. Counting down the days from 100 is a smart psych move. Cool idea.

    My list composed a couple of years ago:

    Sleeping Bag: -40°, synthetic

    Customized Leatherman 'Signal' survival knife multitool (includes a small ferro rod)

    Silky Katanaboy 650mm Folding Saw

    Silky NATA Chopper Blade

    Dutch oven pot

    64 ounce single wall steel canteen

    80 meters of Paracord

    Fishing Line & Hooks or a Gill Net.
    3.5 pound spool of trapping wire


    Some of this appears now to be a bit more restrictive. With no barbs on fish hooks, I might go for a gill net instead. I'm not sure what I would drop from this for a proper ferro rod. The little ferro rod on the leatherman would start a few fires, but the fires would need to be banked for as many days as possible to last the duration. That Silky saw however
    cuts a lot of wood for relatively little energy.

    I wouldn't bring food. I'd just make sure to gain as much body weight before hand. I am used to fasting. I can go days without eating and have no more hunger than a healthy appetite. If I 'was' bringing food though, it most certainly would be pemmican. It is by far the highest density of calories of any of the other choices. I would break the five pounds into two ounce bars, and eat one before bed, any day I didn't otherwise get a meal.

  2. Awesome. Good list if I was younger back in my 20 when I wasn't disabled ide loved to be on that show. You have a good weekend god bless

  3. Although I don't watch the show, I have seriously considered the possibility of applying. (As long as they don't have an age limit.) If they do, maybe I could talk them into having a season just for "seniors". But I have no problem competing with young folks. So, who knows …..

  4. One observation, active hunting small game is a poor return. Lots of snares are a much better choice than a sling shot. I personally cant stand the show and think its a retarded premise but that kind of thing sells very well.

  5. I agree with your philosophy on taking small game. I heard people say "I would just take down a deer or a moose." Well, aside from the difficulty of doing that, what are you going to do with all that meat before the flies get on it? Put it in the freezer? Maybe if were cold enough, like this new season of the show, you could buy enough time to make jerky, but it would be tough.
    As for the comment about being too old, I've known 80 year-old guys who could walk most 20 somethings into the ground.

  6. Good 10 picks. I am not concerned about the cold . I think they provide enough for that. Good idea to have a lid you could use for cooking. I would pick slingshot over bow n arrows too. I have never trapped or hunted BUT I would learn if I was going . I will add my top 10 picks to a second Comment after checking the link. Thanks.
    My picks if I was doing this tomorrow.
    1 Axe
    2. Paracord
    3. Sleeping bag
    4. Sleeping pad
    5. 2L cook pot
    6. Ferro rod
    7. Fishing line/ hooks
    8. 5 lbs. Pemmican
    9. LED Headlamp
    10. Big fixed full tang blade .

  7. Everyone talks about the gear and while that is important, it seems that most participants cannot deal with the mental side of it. I think the Alone people look for people that have families, loved ones, issues going on that require attention or just plain emotional people that already go in with a weaker mindset. A photo would not be part of gear or equipment.

  8. You would be great on alone, I like your list!

  9. Reality TV is always searching for entertainment angles using who they can… Heck the new season is called the "Arctic" AND not even in the ARCTIC!!! They call it Alone… while load out is on the ridiculous side for luxuries and camera gear. Participants are sitting base camped stationary with too much crap. Jailed by location, gear, and contact borders. Gotta get those 10+ episodes. This is not a put down to contestants, the hoops and ladders they must go thru to compete/conform/perform plus the anti trust associating final packing. The vetting process is absurd in a winner takes all gamble. Just another version of commercial recreation and taking advantage of a selfie culture making friends with their cameras.

  10. a guy scored 4 rabbits with a bow, in one day. Fantastic, both luck and skill, but it's just 3000 calories. So he'll have to do at LEAST that well every day, if that's his only food-income, and that's preserving nothing for when the winter hits. In fact, you'll clean out all the rabbits in your 5 sq miles in a week or so, most likely. So the rabbit taking, crab catching, birds and small game need to be take with box traps, heavy cable snares need to be set for deer, caribou and moose, if there's ducks or gulls, you have to grab those with netting and you have to net fish and trotline fish , game and birds. THEN you worry about trying to arrow a big critter from your (salt-baited) tree stand.

  11. everyone's taken the sleeping bag, cookpot, axe, saw, belt knife and ferrood. Yet they all starved. That SHOULD be what we call a "clue". Those items are not enough help. The fattest people still win. You need to take items, and have skills/knowledge that make up for the 1-2 days of advantage that each lb of fat gives to the fattest guy on the show. If he's got 70 lbs on you, then you need to feed yourself adequately for 70-140 days more than he can manage. If you dont know how to do that, then you have to get lucky by having the fat man be foolish enough to waste his advantage by burning 2-3000 calories more per day than he needs to. That's what Fowler did, or Carleigh could never have come close to beating him. The reason she's the second longest lasting, even tho dozes of others have outweighed her, is she knew to just hole up in her sleeping bag and fast. A small woman loses only 1/2 lb per day if she does so. The man, being active, out in the cold, can lose up to 2 lbs per day. If you win by just fasting, it's cause the fatter people didn't know what to bring or do in order to feed themselves adequately for 2-3 months.

  12. if an advanced yogi or buddhist monk were to bring nothing more than cordage, a knife, his sleeping bag and the cookpot, weighed 300 lbs, he'd win eaasily, without eating anything, cause he'd have 5 months worth of food supply in his bodyfat.

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