eBay Super Sized Sales Over $100 – See What Sold Oct 2018 – eBay is NOT Dead!

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eBay Super Sized Sales Over $100 – See What Sold Oct 2018 – eBay is NOT Dead!
eBay Super Sized Sales Over $100 – See What Sold Oct 2018 – eBay is NOT Dead!
  1. Regarding overseas shipping and fees. I had a a buyer in the UK buy a Coogi sweater from me. He was really angry, told me he had to pay a VAT tax (something they do in the UK obviously) and also had to pay additional shipping, I have no idea why that would be. It seems some people do NOT know they have to pay additional fees when something from the U.S. get shipped to their country.

  2. Wow… Great content! I need to go back and take notes. I was working on my vision board and listening to your video. Thank you for the information and Happy New Year! πŸŽ‰πŸ’•πŸŽˆπŸŽ†πŸŒΈβ­

  3. I need to check out your video in reference to Steiff. I found a Steiff bear with all of the tags still on it at Goodwill. It growls too! πŸ˜€

  4. My favorite FB thread and video series! Thank you!!

  5. Love these videos! Thank you!

  6. ThAt fitz and Floyd reindeer sale is crazy! I bet new cost wasn’t even 100!

  7. Excellent as always. Important advice-I've learned the hard way as most sellers have, about not spending money before a sale is "clear", meaning make sure seller has received it and is happy with item. Demonstrated here with the toner set that may or may not be dried out. You won't know until your seller is happy and has left feedback. If they haven't left feedback after a reasonable time I would casually inquire with the buyer, maybe thanking them for their purchase and making sure that they're happy with it. You don't want to be caught scrambling for the money for a refund because you assumed too quickly that a big sale was fine before you know for sure. These videos are so important and entertaining too! Thank you Suzanne. <3

  8. loving your videos. learning some cool things. would be helpful to know how these items are being listed – auction or buy now – to get the highest return. i'm somewhat amazed at some of these sales – like the recipe cards. i never would have listed them as buy now at such a high price and can't imagine why auction would get the kind of return these received. yes, you can't underestimate a customer's reasons for purchasing (i have many stories too) but you won't likely get many people competing, especially for recipe cards. still processing and trying to figure out why that happened.

  9. How to submit our finds to your channel.

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