The Best Spring Jacket For Men – Waxed Trucker Jacket

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The Flint and Tinder Waxed Trucker Jacket just may be the perfect jacket for men. More affordable than Filson, more stylish than most, and higher quality than anything you can get at the mall. The Waxed Trucker really balances quality, affordability, and style in a way few others have. Made from 7oz waxed sailcloth, this American made jacket is one I’ve worn a ton this last year. So if you’re a man who’s into rugged style, this may be the best jacket you buy in 2020.


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The Best Spring Jacket For Men – Waxed Trucker Jacket
The Best Spring Jacket For Men – Waxed Trucker Jacket
  1. I ordered this when it first came out (the flannel lining in mine is grey herringbone). It was a bit tight when I first got it, and now I'm totally out of shape, and can hardly button it up. my advice, size up unless you know you are going to stay in the same shape forever lol.

  2. Have you checked out the Normal Brand waxed jacket? Looks great but I can’t find any reviews.

  3. Hey Carl this Jacket is now $268 lol do you still think it’s worth it?

  4. So I live in central California. It gets kinda chilly in fall and wet in Sprinh, this doesn’t seem like too much of a work coat but would it be used for very light work ( backyard campfire wood cutting, fixing football helmets)

  5. a year and a half later and this jacket is $268.

  6. with it bumping up against your watch, is it marking up the watch? I ask because I just bought this jacket and I have quite a few watches.

  7. I heard some waxed jackets might feel slightly sticky and might have some distinct smell. Would that go away over time? Also, what happens if you never re-wax the jacket? Would it just look and feel like any other regular jacket?

  8. I have one and love it! My only complaint is the liner is hot… so hot I won’t wear this at any temp above the mid 60s. For reference, I’ve lived most of my life in Florida and southern California so I can tolerate heat, however, that polyester lining is just too hot. Anyway, I describe my wardrobe as a sort of a work-wear inspired surfer style 😂… if that makes sense; and this jacket fits my need for functionality and style perfectly!

  9. here in new england eh? what state? Vermont here

  10. Take a look at Schaeffers version. Made in USA and wears nicely. Has gained popularity recently because their jackets are used in the series Yellowstone.

  11. Awesome review, great looking jacket! Though, I’m finding it harder to come across good jackets like this that have TWO chest pockets..the single chest pocket trend bugs me for some reason…Any recommendations on a two chest pocket jacket similar to this one?

  12. The flint and tinder jacket has gone up a hundred bucks! 268..

  13. Brave star. The Ironside Waxed Sherpa Fleece Jacket

  14. At $270, it's a mere pittance, although it sounds like to pull off the look I'll also have to invest in pre-torn jeans and a pre-scuffed trucker hat. 🤔

  15. Definitely appreciate your comment about the the cuff button “clinking” against your watch’s crystal

  16. Shows as US$268 for me plus shipping which pushes pay what I consider affordable. $179 I was tempted, hopefully they go on sale again soon

  17. I was really wanting one last year when the price was lower. It was between the Flint and Tinder, Filson and Freenote Cloth. This year I decided to buy a waxed jacket, when I looked at the Flint and Tinder they now want $268! I decided for a bit more it might be worth getting one of the other choices and ended up getting a Freenote Cloth Riders Jacket for $360 after a promo code they sent me.

    That being said, I will still watch the Flint and Tinder jackets and if they go on sale I may pick one up, or a second hand one and use it as a chore jacket. Anyways, great review as always.

  18. maybe put a piece of tape on the inside of the button so it stops the clicking noise

  19. This felt too much like a "paid ad". The Jacket you suggested looks like a shirt….meh. Filson is the way to go IMHO. The one you promote is nowhere near the quality of a Filson. Go with the "real deal" Filson Short Lined Cruiser – 14-oz. oil finish Tin Cloth + 6-oz. dry finish Cover Cloth + polyester twill. The shirt you "promoting" is 7oz??? That's a shirt not a jacket. smh You get what you pay for.

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