Using Swap com to Sell Used Clothes from Thrift Stores

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Learn to sell books on Amazon like a pro is where I go to liqudate my inventory that doesn’t sell or is priced too low for me to spend time listing it. A lot of $1 items go here. You have the option to consign them or to get a quick sale- the quick sale is usually around $1 tho so I don’t often do that. It’s kind of confusing at first but I hope this walk-through video clears some stuff up!

Here’s my link if you want to shop there

Here’s my patreon if you want in depth thrift store hauls with full documentation

Using Swap com to Sell Used Clothes from Thrift Stores
Using Swap com to Sell Used Clothes from Thrift Stores
  1. doesn't work for me. I closed my account w/n 2 months. No money in it.

  2. saw this video, boxed roughly 35 pounds of clothes tonight will send off tomorrow! thanks for uploading this, I do not like selling clothes on ebay unless i get more than 20 dollars so this is a great service to unload clothes that still have value! Thanks

  3. thanks for sharing!  I'm going to sign up for an account and send in a box tomorrow!

  4. Here in Texas the thrift stores are expensive AF, considering how they get all the items for FREE

  5. Walter are there any storage fees like FBA?

  6. Plan to see if they accept Hawaii

  7. Thanks for your reply. Unfortunately, I was not talking about Hawaiian shirts but the state of Hawaii. I went on and a notice immediately came up that they do not ship to Hawaii, Alaska or Puerto Rico. I live in Hawaii.

  8. I'm going to try getting rid of a bunch of my kiddos' outgrown clothes through there. Thanks!

  9. Swap suks now !!!! i get 60 cents now on items !!!

  10. If you send in a box full of clothes. Do you also include a list and of what you sent them? How do they know what is yours vs. someone elses clothes. Sorry for the stupid question.

  11. I will definitely box up a bunch of dead inventory and ship it off. I wish I knew before I donated about 12 garbage bags full in the last couple weeks. As far as an opportunity, the thrift shop affiliated with my parish sells clothes stupid cheap. Men's shirts, shorts are $0.50 (it's where I do most of my clothes shopping!), other clothing items maybe up to a $1. Less if you catch a bag sale or whatever promo is running. So it seems like just grabbing everything nice (name brand, no stains) and shipping it off (after I pic any gems), set price at normal, is a no-brainer? Seems like an easy hands-off triple, though a little slow. Am I accurate in this assessment?

  12. Hmmm…..

    I'm definitely gunna look into it

  13. Any updates on your experience with swap?

  14. You stated that you can't change the prices but I'm a die hard shopper and I have noticed that on days that SWAP offered free shipping that they jack up the prices by extreme amounts, for example yesterdays items that was priced say $2 is today priced for $6 with free shipping and its like that with all the items on free shipping days . If a person who is buying more then a couple of items on free shipping days they are actually paying way more for their order then they would on days that they would be paying for shipping.

  15. Thank you for being honest and straight to the point.

  16. Sir no why are you screaming lol

  17. Are you still using swap today? Are they reseller friendly?

  18. swap is a scam
    month later still haven't shipped

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