Buying a Down Coat – 800 fill vs 600 fill – What To Look For!

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Buying a Down Coat – 800 fill vs 600 fill – What To Look For!
Buying a Down Coat – 800 fill vs 600 fill – What To Look For!
  1. where could you buy these jackets at a good price?

  2. please never use Farenheit to mesure temperature, it's used only in stupid USA. Use Celsius or Kelvin christ ! why not make an effort to use what the rest of the world does, or at least the scientific world does

  3. High loft Patagonia is 600 fill btw it's just filled more then the 800 sweater version

  4. great reviews. thank you

  5. He's saying its warm in Nov ,New York, well it's fluke weather, it was mild in Nov and Dec in the New York area in 2015 but then in Jan 2016 there was deep snow and blizzards.
    You can never fully predict the weather.

  6. Thank You For The Review! Enjoy Your Day!

  7. what do you think about Mammut Broad Peak Jacket ?

  8. 1st jacket looks more like a 600 to 650, you said on the video it is 800, highly unlikely looking at it

  9. For NYC weather all you really need is a Gore-Tex TNF Mountain Jacket and a Zipped Compatible Fleece Liner and you are set, I know I’m set for the winter, most my jackets are Goretex and Fleece Windstoppers

  10. dude your not supposed to get down jackets wet!!! Always check the weather forecast and if there's even a chance of snow or rain you need to carry a shell. Down jackets are really only to be worn on cold sunny days. Synthetic down jackets are better for wet conditions

  11. How r u " My Bussines Hard Jackats 'Leadar 'and Febric "Sialkot Pakistan

  12. these jackets are crap if they get caught or hook on a fence or gate they not worse more then 1 cent

  13. North face is my favorite down, very soft and high quality, i also like polo

  14. It's not really about fill power but the size of the panels the bigger the panels the warmer the jacket

  15. i thought this is great until i heard the prices. thats absurd

  16. hi 🙂


    check our sirts, mask, phone cases…..etc

  17. What's the name of the 800 fill jacket please

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