Discussing Sleep and Shelter Systems for MilSim Games

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In this long discussion video, Kyle and Eric discuss their preferences and experiences with various sleep systems and shelter options for overnight 24-48 hour MilSim games.

Items discussed in this video:

SOL Bivvy Sack:

Military Sleep System:

Snugpak Stasha Shelter:

Snugpak Jungle Blanket:

Snugpak Stratosphere Bivvy:

Coleman sleeping bags:

Therma-Rest RidgeRest:

Klymit Ozone Sleeping Mat:

LL Bean Sleeping Bag:

Hammock Gear Top Quilts:

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Discussing Sleep and Shelter Systems for MilSim Games
Discussing Sleep and Shelter Systems for MilSim Games
  1. Don’t want something on your face? Dutch army hooped bivi

  2. Hey gun gamers I'm trying to run a milsim style loadout so I have 6 mid caps during non milsim games. Could you do a loadout video for milsim or for someone that wants that more Immersion during regular non milsim games

  3. when they say that you don't need to think about heat in the summer completely disregard this. Hypothermia is total possible during the summer.

  4. I think you guys hit it all the high points straight down the middle. I’d agree with a lot of your suggestions for newer players trying to play attend events the require self, in-play sustainment. I may suggest to look in terms of systems and how your items interact. You can save weight and space that way. That and you can substitute equipment and weight for the willingness to be miserable.

  5. Call me all the names you want but I'm spooning when cold.

  6. "Better than the woobie." Grab the torches and pitch forks. Just kidding, I own both. The jungle blanket is better. The woobie keeps me warm inside because its my DD-214 woobie.

  7. This is funny to me.. We don't pack sleeping sysyems beyond a goretex jacket and poncho.. If it's cold at night we just keep going and doing stuff, and sleep when the sun starts rising and temperature gets higher.. But then again we run nighvision aswell…

    The best way to stay warm at night, just keep on marching and doing stuff 💪🏻

  8. I like the term Boy Scout grade because we destroyed so much "heave duty" gear that claimed to be military grade.

  9. These videos are interesting to watch from a backpacking perspective as someone who has done a fair amount of backpacking but zero airsoft events.

  10. I like sleeping in the cold personally

  11. Can you bring a camping axe to Millsims (like for splitting logs and other such tings)

  12. There is nothing better than woobie i condemn you to the pit of suffering for the rest of your days

  13. Not that I can actually play being blind, but I’d feel uncomfortable explaining that pretty much any weather the lower 48 can throw at me, Alaska has tried and failed to throw much worse. When you guys started talking about sleeping bags that let you sleep down to 0°, I almost choked on my coffee, mine is rated for -40.

  14. Would a Snugpak Ionosphere be too much for an MSW Event or other such Milsims?

  15. In my experience with hiking (including a week long hike on the Appalachian Trail) you don't need a pillow, I just usually use my backpack. Another thing I recommend is bringing a lightweight sleeping bag with a wool blanket. It might be a little extra weight but putting it over your head will keep you very worm just make sure to keep it dry.

  16. MilSim is so awesome God I love it. Thank you to all the pioneers out here, we need MORE and MORE milsim in America.

  17. Look at the Dutch Army bivi, for about the same money as the snugpak stratosphere you get a decent military surplus.

  18. What are the restrictions on things like campo my hammocks. I love to use them but I don’t know if they have the same rules as tents

  19. Why not A lightweight but thin inflatable with a rugged roll up mat under it? for weight? Honest question.

  20. Guy curses so much because he had to endure every bad side of each item lol

  21. can you use a hammock? or are hammocks disallowed like tents

  22. Best shelter I have ever used was a tarp from Walmart that was 10'x10' with one side being blue and one side being od green. I am 6'4" and this is the easiest system ever for my size. The actual tarp was folded down into a tiny square that was roughly 1 foot square. Paracord in small amounts and sticks can make amazing shelters, and if given time (and allowed to) I have taken and dug a hole and surounded it with down logs with the tarp as a roof over the whole thing. Doing as described we managed to fit 7 people with 0 movement room and was very warm through 2 hail storms and a downpour.

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