This is what we will be listing over the next week! Haul Video

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This is what we will be listing over the next week! Haul Video
This is what we will be listing over the next week! Haul Video
  1. Not that it matters….heeeeee low hat eee for that Hawaiian shirt.

  2. My fav YouTube Reselling couple !! 😍 Again Another Excellent video!!

  3. Yes to Shredly! I have sold two pairs of MTB shorts for $35-45 each, the louder the print the better! Such a good find, hope yours sell quickly! 🙂

  4. Ooo I cannot wait to see what sells fast. I love a good haul, but nothing beats a listing challenge and then reaping the rewards when the sales start rolling in. My husband watched a video and actually started drafting for me on eBay, so I think I owe Chris a huge thank you for making it seem fun enough for my husband to start helping!

  5. Thrift a Life YouTube channel is great! And he has a dry, witty humor that is amusing! He's helped me alot with men's resell! You guys are awesome too!

  6. I've sold several of the Misook "slinky" pants in plus size for $50.

  7. “Crazing” are the “cracks/lines” on ceramics whereas “blooming” are the white discoloration on rubber items such as rubber rain boots.
    Anyway, loved the video!

  8. I have heard so many good things about Misook and found a few pieces but they just sit for me. Maybe its certain pieces only – the ones I found were really basic. I hope it sells for you!

  9. I had those exact pair of Adidas 3M shoes in a ThredUp box… they were a bit rough shape but they still sold FAST and got a lot of interest. That's a great find for sure!

  10. Those racks do look handy! Enjoyed! Thanks for keeping me company on a long day!:)

  11. Santa bought one of those rich dad poor dad games for our kids and they didn’t even look at it because money grow on trees here 😏.. so Thanks Cathy I will be listing it.

  12. Awesome shoe haul. I need racks like that.

  13. I sold 4 pairs of kids today shoes I never would have bought without watching your videos!! Thank you so much!

  14. I think you've found your niche with shoes. Are there liquidation pallets for shoes? Happy anniversary. Thrifting to celebrate isn't unusual at all…😉

  15. Wow you guys find so much North Face it’s like bread and butter. Here in Miami Florida it’s mostly vibrant colored 6 inch stripper shoes. Lol.

  16. Hi love your videos! Where did you get the large shoe racks from?

  17. U 2 R the Best! Thanks for sharing🤗

  18. Thank you for Kidizen, I never really knew about them and just sold a pair of keens for 29 that I picked up for 50c and just signed up for LP with your code today!, the ikea bags are good for shipping, I have the unzippered ones.

    I like the shoe racks, you can see what you have upcoming! And a question, what do you do with shoes that do not have a size tag? I’ve picked 3 pairs of nice shoes less than a buck a piece with no size Lola Oboz and Prevads

  19. WOW so many shoes I love it , you must have been shopping for me tons of size 9 's Love your content as always

  20. Do you do free ship? Or customer pays ship?

  21. I think the gold sanitas are Python print. Looks exactly like a pair of my Sam Edelman print❤️

  22. I am sooo jealous! y’all find some fantastic nike and jordans!! I can never find any at a decent price😭 thanks for sharing!! y’all are awesome

  23. Bernie Mev just sit and sit for me, I hope they do better for you

  24. Misook…
    I'm very familiar with this career brand. Ser should sell higher than 50. Matching sets are hard to find. 😘

  25. Very thorough and provided some great insight on both the menswear and all the shoes/boots … thank you!!!!

  26. Hello! The Hawaiian shirt brand is pronounced "HEE-low hat-y" 😊😉 I graduated high school from Oahu and it's a well-known store there.

  27. Those Ariat boots are so cool! I sold some with a kiltie like that before 🤩

  28. I am new to your channel. I love your videos and have been selling on Poshmark only for years. I really want to branch out to EBay and Kidizen the shipping process seems confusing to me. Do you have any basic videos on these platforms? I need to definitely increase my income still recovering from pandemic income loss 🤦‍♀️. I haven’t been through that many of your videos but a great bolo brand of kids brand is posh peanut in case you haven’t ever sold a lot of them but they are a quick turn around and depending on the pattern sell for 40 for a simple sleeper.

  29. Great haul 👍🏼 Glad the you tube algorithm sent you my way! Those cycling shorts are short so they are considered spinning shorts. Marker is a big ski brand! I follow Thrift a Life too. I think he said TB was on his no buy list; although I could be mistaken 🤷🏻‍♀️ but I love TB so I pick it up anyway 🤣

  30. Just curious about those red UGG boots you have above your storage. If they are my size 7.5 and still available I’m interested for sure. Let me know… thanks!

  31. I wear Alegria shoes exclusively. They are awesome.

  32. How wonderful of you to shout out a fellow YouTubeer. I’m really enjoying your channel

  33. Great haul video! Question regarding shoe cleaning…so you don't clean shoes, do you get complaints on those? I dislike selling shoes because I hate to clean them. How do you describe if they are dusty?

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