Can I Jump Rope Fast Enough To Stop The Rain?

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Doing some science and figuring out how fast i need to jump rope to be dry in the rain.


Can I Jump Rope Fast Enough To Stop The Rain?
Can I Jump Rope Fast Enough To Stop The Rain?
  1. Best way to humanely kill a fly.

  2. Oh yeah, thx 4 the SKILLSHRE-LINK. I'll DEFINITIVELY use that one 😉

  3. Just to be perfectly clear here: your a maniac! Not the mildly entertaining kind, but the "we'll bring you to a better, saver place" one. I woulden't go near this thing if my life was depending on it.

  4. This is so fucking ghetto omg lol 😆

  5. damn he has some long wood

  6. I'm convinced that you are one tragic event away from becoming a legitimate supervillian. Pure chaos, equipped with the drive and intelligence to create limitless death dealing contraptions.

  7. I'm so glad you won that fight, your content is tops

  8. I have the exact jump rope machine form the commercial! We don’t have to posts for it so it basically only works as a “jump over the spinning rope on the ground machine “

  9. You could have also added more ropes. If it takes 800 rps with one rope, just add 16 ropes and you only need 50 rps. Add 32 ropes and it becomes 25.

  10. ultimate BDSM whip machine

  11. This dude has done so much sanding he sanded all his nails away.

  12. is anyone gonna talk about the fact that the beginning of the video takes place immediately where his previous video left off (chopping off a tree with only a tree)


  14. I grow bananas the same way, thank you skillshare!

  15. Next time you do this I’ll give you a motor that is variable speed, an astral pool
    P320 XT so you can slowly increase the speed so you don’t take your face off. I’m in melbourne so hopefully it’s not that far of a drive. It’s not free though I’m going to charge you per km and $1900 for the motor I was just about to Chuck in the bin.

  16. I did a thing and his Aquaphilia…

  17. laughed my ass off, great content. judging by the name of your channel you've definitely watched the old top gear.

  18. This mans masochism makes my day so much better.

  19. Intro song is – Touch Me (Vo Gazot Mix) by DJ Rush

  20. It might just be me but, when the vid goes black and white, i can’t hear the vid.

  21. Concepts, Perception, amor, Visuals , Realism, Genuineness, culturales, Kickback. Here for it!!!!!!
    Es muy difícil escoger una 4.Fo/XXXPUSSYYY como la favorita del ámore, pero está siempre simplemente es otro nivel, 💕
    Gracias Benito *Son unos de los mejores conciertos*❤.

  22. glad i discovered idat cause of the creator clash

  23. This guy is one of the funniest channels I’ve found in a long time

  24. You are an enigma to safety guidelines

  25. it's crazy how entertaining are your videos 😀

  26. 5:48 wtf he's melting steal right next to his finger

  27. This is any parents nightmare haha

  28. Spread the gospel god loves you so as jesus love you all and goodnight and I have a great day today and I pray that you Spread the word of God amen to that God bless you and repent for your sins and prayers for Ukraine and don't let temptation ever overcome you be strong against temptation guys love you all and goodnight and repent asap 💖 😘….

  29. Just make a battlebot already man, you know you want to!

  30. i was so surprised this video is sponsored, like this all looks so dangerous that it feels like NSFW content or something

  31. I just realised something midway through the video for it to go 800 times around per second he would have to jump 800 times per second

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