Proof the LL Bean Catalog is a Forgery… just like Obama's BC

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Conclusive and irrefutable proof of a vast, George Soros funded, liberal conspiracy to undermine the American Way of Life and impose Sharia Law upon us all! It’s more than just the evil socialistcommienazimuslimatheist in the White House! The conspiracy is far broader than that! They’ve even infiltrated that bastion of capitalism, the LL Bean Catalog! Yes, it’s true! When scanned, optimized, and opened in Adobe Illustrator, a page from the LL Bean Catalog reveals—LAYERS!!!!

Proof the LL Bean Catalog is a Forgery… just like Obama's BC
Proof the LL Bean Catalog is a Forgery… just like Obama's BC
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  1. Good demo. thank you.
    But why would anyone use OCR? it guarantees corruption of the output file.
    I find it incredible that someone in Hawaii or the White House would create and release a multi-layered document that was bound to raise questions about authenticity. By the way, I suspect that you wouldn't be so contemptuous of doubters if the document came out of George Bush's White House. Your video would have more value without the ridicule and contempt.

  2. @james1529k OCR is used to make the document searchable, to allow extraction of textual data for indexing and/or data dumping. I don't know, but I would imagine, this would be SOP for any government records. If you're going to convert documents to computer records, surely you'd want to be able to search them? And the level of ridicule and contempt in this video is far less than birther conspiracists deserve.

  3. cjeculver: We are not all conspiracist nutcases. Some of us would just like to know who prepared the document, how it was prepared and why it was prepared in that way. Any good reporter would ask the same questions. It is remarkable that none have yet done so.

  4. @pouncingcat
    "I'm beginning to wonder if all the printed materials in my home are forgeries."
    The depth and breadth of this conspiracy is mind boggling. With a scanner, Acrobat Pro, and Illustrator you can "prove" pretty much any document is a forgery.

  5. @pouncingcat
    "…can you get you get the text "layer" to be jagged…"
    I just compared BHO's BC with my scanned catalog at high magnification. The text itself looks pretty similar. The BC text has a white halo which I haven't duplicated, but if I fiddled with the optimization settings, I could probably get it.
    In general, there are many variables here, such as the scanner resolution, software, optimization settings, etc.; it's hard to match the effects precisely.

  6. @james1529k
    "I find it incredible that someone … would create … multi-layered document that was bound to raise questions about authenticity."
    First problem: the online BHO BC is not a layered document. Layers are not the same thing as groups within a layer. The groups are a result of the optimization; they were not deliberately created by a person.
    Did you notice in my video where I compared file sizes of the straight scan (14MB) to the optimized version (140KB)? A factor of 100.

  7. @james1529k
    "Your video would have more value without the ridicule and contempt."
    I prefer the term "satire".
    But what group has done more to deserve scorn and derision than the birther loons?
    Every one of them who has ever opened a file in any Adobe software is now an "expert". Their lack of understanding of how the software works is supposed to be proof of forgery. They cling tenaciously to their own ignorance long after their errors have been shown to them.

  8. Would somebody please explain why there is white bordering ALL the printed black characters Obama's BC?

    I scanned my long form BC and underneath all the letters you can see the original pixels from the color of the paper, where Obama's is so black it's not even pixelated. I also see where the color green was scribbled (not like original separated green pixels) in-between some of the letters from the signatures.

    The date stamps, when blown up, they are two different colors, green and black.

  9. @james1529k Well, aside from the fact that mistergarth seems to have presented a plausible possible workflow, I suppose the only way to know for sure is to ask the Hawaii DOH about their actual workflow in creating their digital COLBs. Then we could see if the results could be replicated. Problem is, birthers as a group seem far too busy going sub-orbital over alleged anomalies to do even the most basic fact-checking before bombarding the world with their screwy theories.

  10. @mistergarth nyatnagarl has a video at watch?v=hqoB7F9-wOM in which he seems to duplicate pretty well the lack of "chromatic abberation" some birthers are fixating on, simply through optimization and OCR in Acrobat Pro. Might be worth a watch.

  11. @mistergarth "Forgery" is a claim of alteration of CONTENT. At best, birthers are demonstrating that the document has been digitally manipulated, but that's a far cry from proving the CONTENT has been altered. The argument seems to run thus:

    1. Layers, means
    2. digital manipulation, conclusively demonstrating
    3. sinister intent, from which inevitably follows
    4. content alteration

    Notice how nimbly they jump from point to point without the bother of proof, nay even evidence, of any kind.

  12. @james1529k Two further points: first, if you're asking honest questions, then I applaud you and happily exclude you from my observations on the vast majority of birthers. Second, there's an even more detailed video response to birther claims done by nyatnagarl at watch?v=hqoB7F9-wOM in which he replicates most of the "anomalies" alleged by birthers using Acrobat Pro (while most birthers are fixated on Photoshop and Illustrator). Take a look at that and see if it answers any of your questions.

  13. Reply
    Spider Mite Sprayer August 29, 2011 at 8:40 pm

    Perhaps your qualifications exceed those of Mara Zebest when it comes to pdf files. I find it disturbing that people who question the status quo are ridiculed. What is wrong with asking questions? Our government does very little to earn my trust. Do you give yours blindly? I will always question that which seems questionable. Do I trust BHO? A better question is "do I trust the powers behind his teleprompter". Meaning those who put the words in his mouth. There is much to question about BHO.

  14. @wutntarnation
    "people who question the status quo are ridiculed"
    People who question established, objective facts deserve far more ridicule than they actually receive. Obama's birth in HI was well documented prior to the release of this redundant document.
    "What is wrong with asking questions?"
    It's asking the same questions which have already been answered over and over and over that I have a problem with.

  15. @wutntarnation
    "There is much to question about BHO."
    You've got that one right. There's much to question about BHO's policy proposals. His constitutional eligiblity to be President, however, is beyond sane questioning.

  16. Reply
    Spider Mite Sprayer August 30, 2011 at 2:08 am

    @mistergarth Sorry but the Jury is still out with my decision. Mara Zebest brings up some excellent points. I have read the pros and cons from both sides. I feel that there is reason to question. If you wish to support Mr. Obama and his birth claims that is your right as an American. If I wish to question it then it is my right. I am not afraid to objectively look at both sides of the coin and will continue to do so until my curiosity is assuaged, regardless if you ridicule me or not. Good day

  17. Payaso,es un catalogo, que mas, layers, pictures oh que interasante

  18. You sir, are a true american hero

  19. Either you completely missed the oh-so-subtle satire at the core of my video, or I completely missed the oh-so-subtle satire at the core of your comment. I hope it's the latter.

  20. you scan a catalog that has layers to prove it has layers, ok, so you are saying the BHO certificate has layers and is a photoshopped item like the cataog.

  21. Your insightful comment is so deep, meaningful, and profound that my tiny little brain cannot comprehend it. What are you trying to communicate? A printed catalog has layers. Huh? The BHO BC is photoshopped because the groups in the one and only layer show up in Illustrator, just like optimization artifacts. WTF?

  22. "The BC text has a white halo which I haven't duplicated, but if I fiddled with the optimization settings, I could probably get it."
    No, Adobe software won't do it: it's an artifact of the Xerox 7655 that was used to create the PDF (and similar high-end models using the same compression algorithms).
    You should google "obama birth certificate xerox 7655": some other folks who got sick of the yammering pursued your line of research further and definitively proved your basic assumptions correct.

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