What to Wear for a Thru-Hike? Appalachian Trail #31

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Decisions, decisions! Deciding what to wear on a thru-hike isn’t easy. You want light, warm, cool, durable, versatile clothing. Layers are good. Cotton is bad. Prices are high (or are they?)

Come along as I share a deep dive into my thu-hiker wardrobe, including a look at what I decided NOT to take as well as what will be in my backpack.

I’ll be thru-hiking the Appalachian Trail in 2018.

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What to Wear for a Thru-Hike? Appalachian Trail #31
What to Wear for a Thru-Hike? Appalachian Trail #31
  1. Hi, I'm a former thru-hiker. I won't agree or disagree with your clothing as it appears to me that you are putting a lot of thought into your choices, and you are the only one who has to be satisfied. One question for you, are you taking Gaiters? I took them because they kept debris out of my shoes ,and also kept my socks and pants clean(er) particularly on bad WX days. Looking forward to your first journals from the trail. Wishing all the best!!

  2. Thru Hiker Fashionista !! Looks good…Definitely about functionality, not walking the red carpet…enjoy UD…

  3. Looks like you have put a lot of thought into your clothing selection.  I'm sure you may or may not change things as you hike along seeing what works and what doesn't  work.  I like gaiters a lot.  Some people use the gaiters that are higher in the winter because of snow. I've personally not used them so I don't have a comment one way or another about those.  But I do love my Dirty Girl gaiters. They are low and just a lot of fun to wear with tons of different patterns.  I wear low cut hiking shoes and they do keep the debris out of my shoes and add fun to my step as I walk along!! By the way are you also on Trail Journals or just blogging through Youtube?  I don't do twitter or instagram.

  4. Interesting about the sock liner! THANKS! Keep up the great work! Thru-hiking in 2019 & I will be following along with you in 2018! GET IT GIRL! I'll be doing trail magic in WNC near I 40 & Standing Bear Hostel! Hope to see ya out there! Happy Hiking!

  5. Your videos keep getting better & better!!!!!!! Looking forward to following you on the trail. Time is getting short!!!!!!

  6. I like the process you go thru showing what worked and what didn't.Sometimes these videos go on about name brands ,like you comfort doesn't always relate to high prices,and what works for some doesn't work for all.GREAT JOB

  7. Your final picks Look great and well thought out. I am to the point of living with the final choices; realizing that I can adjust and ship home at Neal’s Gap, Fontana and/or Hot Springs after the Smokies. WanderLust helped my Psyche with a vid on Not stressing Weight. Your choices are solid for you and we’ll all figure it out on the Trail anyway!

  8. Wait…it’s not about the fashion? Do you have any idea how long it took me to colour coordinate my buff, rain jacket and sleeping bag? ;). Good choices and solid rationale as always. Cheers

  9. I’m leaving this year too, yay! But earlier than you are, so I have a bit more warm clothes. (Plus, I’m a comfort hiker, can’t help it. Haha!) But things I noticed were missing – a ball cap, headband/ear warmers, and shoe gaiters? Also, not sure if you considered a vest? I’m taking a puffy vest (got a good deal on REI and could serve to be warm but not keep in that underarm heat). Yay! So excited for us!

  10. Excellent job, How many days till it happens. Bet you can't wait. Thanks….

  11. Panties are overrated. Save an oz or two and leave them home. Only wool or polyester is a great choice.

  12. I have both cuddle duds and danskin base layer shirts that are my 'go to' for cold weather hikes and snowmobiling – they work great without having to spend a ton of money. I love all your choices (and the variety of colors) – you can never have too many options to choose from! I'm sure REI thanks you for being a loyal customer too…love a bargain! Enjoyed the update as always 🙂

  13. Joyful Gambler, I like your clothing choices! I was wondering if you had a choice of footwear for after hiking? Something you'd wear around your tent site as an alternative to your trail runners like mocs or flip flops. Just so you can give your feet a chance to air out and relax after a long day of
    hiking. Hope to see you somewhere on the AT. Steady Plodder

  14. Great choices! I found some leggings that have a side pocket. I can't wait to take them out on a hike.

  15. ohh down skirt may I ask where you found that?

  16. Royal Robbins is good stuff still using clothes that are 20 years old and still going strong and haven't found better replacements.

  17. You're definitely very thoughtful. I'd kill to live near a Columbia outlet. :D. Really love the 58%/polyester/spandex stuff (shirts and underwear). Also have the Drier Jacket which is a nice wind jacket (useful for the Southwest). They make nice stuff that is not expensive. Also a fan of Royal Robbins. They make nice hiking pants, Imo. I'm not a thru-hiker. I study them. 😀

  18. Are you going to bring your tank and shorts to start or have them sent later?

  19. The balaclava is good when it is cold, forget it's multi-use. A lot of times your face is the most exposed part of your body and the balaclava is nice for that.

  20. Ticks!!!! Really bad news on Long Island. Hate those rascals. That’s why I always hike in pants even in summer. Picked up a pair of hiking leggings but haven’t gotten the chance to try them out with the extreme cold we’ve had

  21. You will be somewhat warm when you are backpacking even in cold weather. Use your body as a piece of gear. I see a lot of people overheating on the trail even when temps are cooler. You may want to practice how your body heats up when hiking in colder weather and get your layering system down. 🙂 happy hiking. I always bring a short sleeve wicking shirt.

  22. I have that same walmart top, but in black. It is surprisingly decent. I have used it on a very cold weather trip as a base layer; it worked well. I often find decent stuff for backpacking at walmart. It is probably a good thing for me that I do not have an REI close by; I would be camped in their parking lot. I have found out that Big Agnes has a new insulated sleeping pad for about the same price as the neoair. The size 20 wide by 66 long is under 11 ounces and it is about 3 inches thick. REI has them for pre-order on their website. For me, clothing decisions are the hardest. The other gear is way easier.

  23. Nice score on those Ex Officios!  I really appreciate hearing your thought process as you test and make final decisions on your gear.  I hope you like that insulated skirt; I recently got the same one (for under $20 I just HAD to try it!) and am amazed at how warm it keeps my hips.  Happy trails!

  24. Love how you think out all your decisions in a organized and reasoned manner! Hurry it up and get on the trail so we can watch it all in action! 🙌🏻🙂🏕. (So I might be a little excited for your class, especially the women, to get off and going!🤷🏼‍♀️😂).

  25. Great video as usual. I love the way you think things out. I have some Wal Mart clothes that work well, but after I've sweated in it a few times it gets that funk in it that never washes out. So I had to go with some of the brand name stuff, at least for my under layer. Enjoying the videos..

  26. Subscribed. Good luck on the AT. Enjoy your hike

  27. Thanks for sending me your channel on Facebook, I love your videos! I also have a Columbia Outlet near and can’t help myself there 🙂

  28. I usually hike in a baseball hat because my head overheats but I have that same Columbia hat I use in camp. I end up sleeping in the balaclava during the winter, I find it stays on better and keeps the front and back of my neck warm so I don’t need to sleep in a buff. Great clothing set up!

  29. Thank you once again for doing all this research and sharing the information with us all. It is invaluable! Now we don't have to re-invent the wheel.

  30. Just remember it it feels plastic you'll sweat more and it will be sticky,, sticky and heat=miserable. Love watching your videos. Happy hiking😁

  31. Thanks to this video, I am now a proud owner of the Danskin hooded top like the pink one you showed here. :-). Can't wait to try it out! They did not have pink, but the black one I was able to get won't show the dirt I'd be bound to get on it as much. ;-). Thanks again for all the research you share with us here. It really does help.

  32. Glad i found your videos! Have you started the trail yet? When did you/ are you starting? Thanks for the great vid!

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