Amazon Winter Coat Haul & Review (Honestly Surprised…)

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My Measurements:

Height: 5’3
Weight: 130ish lbs
Jean size: 2/4
Bra size: 34B
Shoe size: 6.5


*Reminder: Amazon prices may vary by location and can change over time.

White puffer coat:

Green military coat:

Black puffer coat (without fur on the hood):

Khaki fur hood coat:

Long black puffer coat (with fur on the hood):

Styling items:
Striped top (similar):
Black leggings:
Combat boots:
Adidas sneakers:
Adidas cap:
Orange beanie:

Outfit I’m Wearing👉🏻:


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Amazon Winter Coat Haul & Review (Honestly Surprised…)
Amazon Winter Coat Haul & Review (Honestly Surprised…)
  1. I've looked and looked for a new winter coat, why can't I find any? All I want is two things 1 Long "to my knees or better right below my knees" 2 Stylish is that to much to ask from the universe? My thighs get cold and my knees if you've seen any thing in your shopping that fits this would you please pass it a long, thanks.

  2. Thank you!!! I purchased 2 coats 😊 you are one of my favorites when it comes to finding the best styles and deals ! I love the split screen with all the details ♥️

  3. The last one looks very nice on plus it looks like it will keep you warm I have a Abercrombie jacket looks very similar to that one only in black well worth the money and will last

  4. My bad second one to the last the tan one that one looks the best

  5. Exceptional review! Thank you.!I loved your choice too

  6. 2019 we still doing sherpa and Down !!!

  7. Extra small wouldn't even fit one arm on me.

  8. Why is the Starbucks cup being used as a prop?

  9. Thanks for sharing! I love coats that have the removable fur, that way when you wash it you don’t ruin the fur!!

  10. I have that first coat in black and, except for the couple of days when i break out the ankle length, it’s been perfect for the last 4 winters in Boston!

  11. Great try-on! I had to try the famous one !

  12. Is the black maxi length coat light weight? Or heavy? Did you get that one is an XS too?

  13. Great review! Can you recommend a wool blend camel coat?

  14. Can you give the name of the second one? And I love the third one too. Thanks!

  15. Hi, new to your channel. Love watching and getting some newer ideas. I was wondering if you could tell me the name of the longer navy blue down jacket you wore in this video. The one with the elastic waist in the back? Very appealing. Thanks and Merry Christmas 🎅

  16. Can you give me the name of the third and fourth jackets, and where to buy them. Thanks!

  17. I seriously would not buy amazon coats… due to quality control. The zipper u picked, Sam Edelman has the same design for $97 on sale on Nordstrom. Most designer coats are very affordable now w/o breaking the bank.

  18. Hey please tell the brand or the model name of this warmest khaki jacket with hood.. I want to buy it

  19. I love your jacket with fur hood it looks so cute on you

  20. I Love your fur coat video ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  21. Thanks for this! I’m moving from Florida to the Midwest so I’m going to need a winter coat. I’ve never even seen snow before.

  22. Omg 188 eu shiping to Croatia + dutes😱🤔

  23. The coat you kept reminds me of my kids Canada Goose coat💯. Loved all your picks!

  24. I have a one worry is the size can you recommend the size to me
    And the one that caught my eye is your going to keeping at final of the videos
    Hope you seen what I comment
    I'm 155 cm
    78kg I don't know which size is good for me

  25. and black full long quilted coat price is 33 dollar

  26. I got the Orolay coat in October.
    It's snowy in the UK and I haven't been cold once. I hope it lasts a few years.

  27. Could tell me where you bought your shoes in this video? Thank you

  28. Do you know if there’s an updated link for the Nude one you showed? (Think 3rd coat shown). I love that but it says it’s unavailable.

  29. So I actually bought the molemsk coat (khaki with fur hood) after seeing this video, and you are right about it being so warm! I did not feel anything once I put this on! I have recently lost a lot of weight so I need a new one and they don't have it anymore! So sad, but thanks for the recommendation! If you have anymore (probably not after finding the one, lol) please let us know!

  30. Would have been nice if you’d have mentioned Brand names for each coat…. 🥴

  31. Can you attach a link to get all the coats or the names of each

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