Review: LL Bean – Northwoods Wool Parka

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A wool parka modeled after one of the first parkas they introduced.

Review: LL Bean – Northwoods Wool Parka
Review: LL Bean – Northwoods Wool Parka
  1. Very nice.. And just in time for summer!

  2. I have the "Maine Guide" wool parka by Bean. It's 100% wool with a gortex liner. Same style as yours basically, but in original Advantage camo. It is by far the best parka I've ever put on.

    You forgot to mention the collar! Best part of the whole thing. Great review! Thumbs up.

  3. lol. Yes, the timing wasn't the best for this. I got it a bit too late in the season. I just didn't want to wait a year to do it!

  4. You're right I did forget to mention that. Probably because I never got the chance to wear it in the true Wisconsin cold, so I didn't get to use the collar. It's definitely a nice feature and will no doubt keep my neck warm.

  5. Thank you, I appreciate it.

    I love the jacket — I wore it a lot this winter. 10-45 degrees seems to be it's perfect operating temperature (for me).

  6. hi thanks for the review, how tall are you?

  7. The pocket on the back is for maps, so you dont have to fold them and get them all bent

  8. Just an awesome coat. I have one for deer season here in Nova Scotia. I passed up a lot of modern hunting coats. Love the classics. Had mine now for the past 5 years.

  9. the pocket on the back is a game pouch, you put dead birds or rabbits in it.     

    as for the blaze orange, some states just require something orange that can be seen from 360*.  aka an orange hat.  others a vest and hat

  10. Hi

    Can you compare this to the Filson Mackinaw cruiser? Is this a Large? Is it tall?

  11. Hi… Do you think the sleeves need to be a bit longer? Maybe an inch? Just wondering! thanks

  12. I was looking at one the other day on sale. It doesn't look as warm as the Woolrich I had in high school. But its wool. I love wool.

  13. Boycott L. L. Bean – if they do not like it tell them to take it up with Spineless Susan Collins.

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