10 Cheap Alternatives to the Red Wing Iron Ranger

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There’s no doubt about it, the Red Wing Iron Ranger is wildly popular. Still, people often complain about its price relative to their budget. Luckily there are alternatives to the Red Wing Iron Ranger which are very similar but without the high price tag. In this video I cover 10 less expensive alternatives to the Iron Ranger which will fit any budget.

Iron Ranger:

1 – Wolverine 1000 Mile:

2- Chippewa Service Boot:

3- Thorogood Beloit:

4- Rhodes Dean:

5- LL Bean Katahdin:
-LL Bean:

6- Chippewa Apache:

7- Golden Fox Boondocker:

8- Clarkdale Bud:

9- Danner Wolf Creek:

10- Dickies Knoxville:

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10 Cheap Alternatives to the Red Wing Iron Ranger
10 Cheap Alternatives to the Red Wing Iron Ranger
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  1. Get factory seconds?

  2. Alternatives to timberland

  3. Its " kah tah din " just saying..

  4. top ten "non clown shoe toe" alternates to the Iron Ranger!

  5. They are great tough boots but.. That bulbous toe makes red wings look like clown shoes…maybe the moc toe is ok but I prefer the wolverines and Danner far more

  6. Hi Men where can i buy this lovely boot???? Please I really logo like to have one soon!!

  7. What about Frye boots?

  8. The LL Bean Katadhin is no longer Chippewa made. They’re made in Vietnam. However they seem very quality so far I like them.

  9. What about The Thursday boot $199.

  10. dont understand red wing prices over exagerated no way the red wing iron ranger boots will last for life not worth to spend too much money with red wing boots

  11. Still it won't be Iron Ranger it will be something like the Iron ranger

  12. Nothing cheap on this list, slightly less maybe but not cheap

  13. Which boots have leather lining in the inside

  14. Couldn't find the Knoxvilles anywhere… Any tips?

  15. I would like to you to make a video about best work boot

  16. Reply
    @planetbarton @bootsandtrabs @plot56b @mightyfod May 18, 2021 at 7:41 pm

    After purchasing the Golden Fox Moc Toe, I now want their boondocker. Thanks for covering at least one pair of boots I can actually afford! My unboxing of Golden Fox Moc Toe.

  17. Reply
    The C. Tyson Synopsis May 27, 2021 at 11:59 am

    Reason Red Wings Suck:

    1. PRICE is way too high.
    2. SIZE… for christ sake, every boot they offer does not fit true to size. If you're a company that fits 1 or 0.5 too large for 99% of customers, just change the label!
    3. Break IN. way too long.
    4. Resole in house… they offer resoles, but it's wayyy to expensive for what you can get at a local cobbler…

  18. Gonna buy a pair of redwing’s with my first proper pay check from my new job. I think that’s a good use of my money.

  19. Check out Wild Rhino boots

  20. If your going cheap why bother don't buy cheap knockoffs

  21. If you want quality then pay the price

  22. If you can't afford then save up your dollar's

  23. Reply
    ElationProductions July 11, 2021 at 10:59 pm

    Any suggestions for someone needing a narrow width boot? About 10 years ago I went in to a Redwing store with the Iron Rangers in mind. I take my shoes off for the guy to measure and just from looking at my feet the guy tells me I have narrow feet and they don't make Iron Rangers in narrow sizes. I wear a 10 and 1/2 B. I've had the same pair of 606s (with a new resole about 2 years ago) for almost 11 years now, but still would like something like the Rangers in style.

  24. For another mid-priced option, check out the Milwaukee Boot Company's Pfister https://milwaukeebootcompany.com/product/pfister/ great look and a goodyear welt. I'm a fan of the quick lace hooks as well.

  25. Surprised there's no Thursday boots on this list

  26. Why is my iron ranger killing my hips knees and heels. There sized perfect, but I can’t even walk in them. I’d be better off walking bare foot.😫

  27. You’re honestly better off saving for a little longer until you can afford some Iron Rangers. They are arguably the best value footwear on the planet. Once you buy them, you’ll never need another pair if you take care of them. You can get them resoled many times for pretty cheap too.

  28. I wish there were more videos on redwing blacksmith which most alternatives look more like

  29. Thursday Captains? no?

  30. My first pair I bought a year ago was the Chippewa Apache 6" boot. Price was a big factor and I was looking for a great value and got it. After breaking it in, it is as comfortable as a running shoe. The pair I bought a month ago is the Thursday Captain and it is not yet as comfortable as the Chippewa.

  31. Can you recommend a boot for narrow feet? I wear 11.5 A dress shoes (Allen Edmonds and Johnston Murphy are all I can find). I need something like the Iron Ranger for motorcycle riding. Thanks

  32. Missed??? Jim Green!!!

  33. The only alternative to iron ranger is a new pair of iron ranger!

  34. Can you make a video with alternatives for Iron Ranger fans in higher price classes?

  35. Video should be called 3 cheap alternatives, and 7 regular alternatives

  36. Please make a new video with updated models and brands. Most of those presented are no longer available. Love your Chanel. Are you Polish?

  37. Well, like anything else buying a boot depends on what type of use you are going to put it through. Personally, as a field Archaeologists I bought Red Wings because of their comfort and durability.

  38. There's a video of a man cutting a pair of $200.00 Chippewa boots in half and going through them inch by inch, and they were made of pure garbage. Then again, he was comparing them to a pair of $600.00 Nicks boots, which wasn't fair. The three magic words still remain: Better costs more.

  39. Another alternative could be Sendra Milles w/o toe cap or Kaspar with toe cap. They are made in Spain

  40. Carolina made in USA 🇺🇸 👍
    Not their China line

  41. Outside of those LL Bean boots, which u never knew about but I'm interested, all these are great options but nothing compares to the style and presence of iron rangers. Nothing. But I guarantee you nothing will drive you crazier than breaking in iron rangers, nothing. Lol.

  42. Reply
    Jeremiah Bachmann April 3, 2022 at 4:41 pm

    $300 is NOT a cheap alternative to Red Wing.

  43. I always got acceptable results from K – Marts Texas Steer standard work boot I would buy two pairs at one time heck they were only $ 29. 95 a pair back in the day they lasted me about 5 to 6 months LOL because I was heavy on my feet and had a poor walking Gait

  44. Thank you!

  45. These are all mostly the same price as the iron rangers, I genuinely don't see the point of this video.

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