Children’s Clothing Ad – SNL

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A commercial advertises thick winter clothes for children.

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Children’s Clothing Ad – SNL
Children’s Clothing Ad – SNL
  1. "My shoes hurt!" "Welcome to being a woman Kylie!"
    100% ACCURATE!

  2. Wow this was their 1 funny skit I heard about. This is shit tier at best.

  3. Not a parent but I understand as a former child of too many fcuking clothes 🤣

  4. This is a good commercial

  5. Every school morning in Pennsylvania winter weather, I bundle my kids into coats. My son in particular- long sleeves, pants (ELASTIC WAIST) zip up sweatshirt, heavy coat, hat, mask, etc… He's lost 2 sweatshirts, 1 entire coat, 6 sets of gloves, 4 hats, a left shoe (HOW?!) 3241 masks, 5 reusable water bottles, 1 lunch box, 2 library books, and his sister- and that's only this school year. (It's January. School started late August.)

    This ad is everything.

  6. i love how at 1:43 you can see the little girl laughing. i would totally do that

  7. That’s what you get for buying clothes that weren’t made well. They itch. They don’t fit well. They hurt. And you always feel like it’s fight against your body.

  8. this is there best skit ever omfg every time i watch it it just keeps getting funnier

  9. Bowen's glance at the dirty diaper was perfect.

  10. Hahaha, that little girl with the boots was laughing the whole time.

  11. "Daddy's a dumbass" 😂😂😂

  12. I love how the little girl is laughing from 1:24 all the way to 1:42 when she’s not supposed to but I love when kids break character.

  13. Why is this not available in Australia?

  14. That “where’s my kid” bit was really funny 😆

  15. I hope Macy is taking notes.

  16. Where is Emma Thompson to help these couple?

  17. When Cecily finally leaves SNL, she could have a lifelong career doing voiceovers.

  18. The little girl laughing when the parents were fighting was cute

  19. Still love “Well if you can do it, then DO IT!!”

  20. “Shirts with the wrong frozen princess.” So true, they all want Elsa.

  21. 0:10 Chloe lookin' GOOD in her cashmere top from $79.99.

  22. The little girl that broke character and laughed was somehow an accurate reaction

  23. Sometimes skits like these are like articles of a MAD magazines. Satire, but oh so true.

  24. I made the mistake of showing this to my wife and now she will show me the Nathan scene every month because “it’s too accurate” Gotta love being named Nathan


  26. "You DON'T wear JEANS… TO CHURCH!!!"
    Best part 🤣🤣🤣

  27. You DONT, wear jeaaans to church!
    Why does this sound familiar 😅

  28. Wheres my kid? Marcus?????? <<< I lost it there

  29. I genuinely thought that this video was in ad before the actual video played in so I was like “why is there a Macy’s Christmas themed commercial it’s April”

  30. Seeing Kate with a kid is sooooo cute, added a few more years to my life tbh

  31. I think this might be one of my favourite snl sketches

  32. some how this was soo sweet

  33. Please ease consider an old dog or cat or homeless old pet that may have been homed and loved but owner is gone or on the streets for years but now infirm…can't see or hear well…they are so well behaved and grateful….and are not a life commitment.But, I'm sure once you have one you will they were

  34. I remember those shoes I had to wear at 3 years old that were impossible to put on……. I'm 33 yo now…

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