Neighbors Thought Woman Was Crazy For Putting Irish Spring Soap In Her Yard Until They Found Out Why

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Neighbors Thought Woman Was Crazy For Putting Irish Spring Soap In Her Yard Until They Found Out Why
Neighbors Thought Woman Was Crazy For Putting Irish Spring Soap In Her Yard Until They Found Out Why
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  2. I’ve heard this is good for flies

  3. I waited too long for you to tell me why, so now I could care less why

  4. Does it work for chickens?

  5. What if it gets absorbed into the soil by rain?

  6. Now my garden is infested with leprechauns..

  7. Also if u get bad leg cramps put a bar of soap down by ur feet under the bed spread..u won't get those cramps..this really joke

  8. Not as crazy as my neighbors think watching me squatting over the gophers hole pooping into it. Thanks for the advice.

  9. i tossed sevearl bars like 14 !!! up in all my rafters in my shop !!! they just tossed them back to the ground

  10. It also taste like crap I know from being a kid 🤣🤣 thanks Granny R.I.P

  11. 4 minute video that could have been summed up in ONE sentence

  12. Hope when it rains no soap goes everywhere

  13. Neighbors need to be less nosy. She wasn’t eating the Irish spring. She was using chemistry. Many people are ignorant of biochemistry and electrolysis.

  14. WellCare swimming trunks on the sidewalk so I can go to the pool

  15. This video has been brought to you by IRISH SPRING. 😏

  16. Why put it in socks? And isn't soap biodegradable?

  17. Just watched the video, enjoyed your energy. Thanks for sharing it was very helpful. BLESSINGS

  18. For anyone that is concerned about chemicals, I would not recommend using this method. As soon as it rains or you water your gardens, the water runs the soap off down into the soil and is taken up by the vegetation. Not good for your food crops and not good for you. 👎🏻🤢

  19. I tried this last year. It did not keep the rabbits away. In fact, we saw one rabbit munching on petunias in a pot. In that pot was a stake adorned with Irish Spring sachets. We had a good laugh over that sight!

  20. Wonder if it keeps cats out of my yard cuz they ain’t healthy if their poop is runny n highly doubt they have shots in my hood.

  21. I started to put Irish spring for several weeks.
    My impression so far, is that this soap attract Gopher, and mole and even may help them to regenerate more!

  22. I wonder if this would deter dogs from coming into my yard.

  23. I have done Irish Spring soap, hair, urine, radios blasting everything even plastic forks and knives. Deer eat everything.

  24. Hmm. I wonder if this works on squirrels that raid the bird feeders?

  25. The animals know about the Fighting Irish!

  26. You can use hot sauce or vinegar both work. God Bless

  27. 💯❤Very very interesting❤💯

  28. I'll try it. I know if you sprinkle white flour on cabbage plant in morning when dewy daily, it will keep bugs from eating cabbage up. Salt water does nothing.

  29. I love this!!!! It's almost as genius as the guy who walked into a business meeting one day with the idea to modify the shampoo bottle instructions to say: Wash. Rinse. REPEAT.

  30. What does the soap do to the plant? Or the taste of the fruit

  31. Does it really work??

  32. Irish spring green green

  33. Mice eat it in my shed 🥲

  34. cayote urine works great this guy must work for a chemical company or something

  35. Irish Spring is not the magic bullet. Trust me, I have experience protecting thousands of properties from pests. If the deer are hungry enough they will eat the soap!!!

  36. Yeah i just got done eating my irish spring flavored salad. Reminds me of when I cursed at my sister as a kid.

  37. That sounds good but wouldn't it be soapy if it rains?

  38. I tried it and they ate.

  39. I just wanna know what happens when it rains

  40. Will it keep wombats and moon flowers away???

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