Field review of my brand new 16" LL Bean Hunting Boots

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Field review of my brand new 16" LL Bean Hunting Boots
Field review of my brand new 16" LL Bean Hunting Boots
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    Far North Bushcraft And Survival September 10, 2020 at 2:39 am

    I have worn the same pair of short 6 inch "bean Boot" for perhaps 11 years. I did have them resoled once and had short sections of the leather to rubber seam resewed two times and once of having that same seam resewn all the way around the boots triple stitching. I had that done at a boot repair shop. That final boot shop sewing solved the cheap LL Bean thread issues I was having. All in all they are really great boots and I am considering getting the 16 inch ones like yours this next time. You have had these for a few months now. Do you still like them? anything you wished was different? any potential problems? Thanks.

  2. Excellent in sightful video!

    Update: Those look like Schnees boots with eye sockets and not LL Bean Maine Hunting Shoe!

    Overall these LL Bean Maine Hunting Shoe's are excellent.

    For the Hunter, Outdoorsman or even for Soldiers, Military Personnel Tall 16/ 18 inch lace up boots are the effective proper way to go for offering the wearer maximum protection coverage for the feet and legs.

    Yes, I second your finding that the new style eye hooks are not good.

    I've had as pair since the 1980's and wear them hunting. I really like these tall 16 inch tall Bean Boots. Which are now called the Maine Hunting shoe.

    They tall 16 inch boots do an excellent job protecting my feet and legs from wet grass, and travesing through water bodies like streams etc.

    Which I have crossed through many streams over the years wearing them and kept dry.

    My pair do have standard round eyelets. I do Not like the redesign version with Hooks.

    I feel that the new Hook eyelets can do damadge and become hooked into another object while brushing against and get tangeled up thus they should be dropped and a Military Speed Lace eyehook should be offered to the Customers.

    4 years ago I was up in Maine and went to LL Bean l factory where I found out they originally had an 18 inch tall model.

    I wish they made the 18 inch version as well as insolated versions I'd buy such right away in both 16 and 18 inch hight versions.

    Schnees makes an two styles of 16 inch insolated versions and sells a removable insolated liner that can be fitted in a larger sized LL Bean Hunting shoe.

    I also spoke with LLBean Customer Service and suggested they offer the old 18 inch tall version as well as insulated versions in 18 and 16 inch heights.

    Schnees Customer Service told me they are willing to produce an 18 inch version for me including an insulated 18 inch version for an extra fee. However the quoted fee was rather high. Such is something for the individual to ponder on.

    More people should let LL Bean Customer Service know @ customerservice @llbean com
    Or by telephone number 1888 797-3880.

    By writing an email and or calling the above email and telephone number and and letting them know that they should offer an 18 inch version as well as in an insolated version in both 16 and 18 inch tall and with the old style eyelets or "Military Speed Lace" eyelets.

    Offering such options to the Customer base would be an improvement as their competition; Schnees offers such options.

  3. I have a question for people who have worn regular 8 inch bean boots or the tall boots or even the main hunting shoes. Are the soles of the tall ones and maine boots thinner than the regular bean boot?

  4. Those are great looking boots. After seeing your video now I want to get a pair. The height of those boots make the boots look even better. Happy Holidays.

  5. how waterproof are these boots? Can you walk through standing water in them?

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    rhymeandreasoning March 4, 2021 at 2:44 am

    The boots look great on you.

  7. I just bought a pair of ll beam they are way better then the junk you get today my feet do not get wet anymore I wear them. Everyday and I love them

  8. No that’s a defect you need to return them they’ll stand behind their product 100% as well your new pair use mink oil on both sides at least 2 times it’ll preserve and give you a much drier foot through out the life of your boot .. beans was a much better company before it was traded on the stock market when 100% family owned operated their employees were treated much better I worked for the Bean family in the late 80’s early. 90’s I’m avid outdoorsman and Maine native

  9. Are these functionally different from the Bean boots or will both do the job well? I have regular LL bean boots and kinda like the look of the Maine hunting shoe as well

  10. Nice real world review on the boots. But my main question is what Bow are you carrying? I am a diehard JD Berry archery fan myself.
    No I’ve owned countless number of traditional Bows but I always go back to the Jodi Barry. But that is a pretty looking bow you have

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