WeatherWool All Around Jacket

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A quick review of the WeatherWool AAJ. to check them out. Great products and a great company.

Check out my recommended gear at SRO.

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WeatherWool All Around Jacket
WeatherWool All Around Jacket
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  1. 👍

  2. THANKS KEVIN!! — Wear in great health for many years! — Ralph

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    Base12 Productions April 1, 2020 at 3:31 am

    Thank you for posting this video. At the Pathfinder Learning Facebook group, I posed a question about the difference between the full and mid weight wool. I live in Michigan and want something for fall, winter ,spring. In your opinion, what weight would you recommend? Thanks in advance.

  4. Is that jacket like $800?

  5. Love the jacket and I have seen other products by the company and it’s impressive stuff just too high for my paycheck!! Haha good video though!!

  6. If you can share anything with those guys at weather wool, I’d tell them most outdoors kinda folks don’t have money like that, sir. The gear they make looks impressive, and is reportedly legendary, but so isn’t carhart, and a bit more common man priced. Thanks for sharing your input, it’s appreciated greatly. Same for the other sro guys.

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    BLACK HAT BUSHCRAFT April 4, 2020 at 4:48 am

    It truly is the best wool I have used. Ralph and family are awesome all around! That jacket is sweet! Thanks for sharing buddy. Take care.

  8. Those handwarmer pockets are called Air Force gloves! LOL. I'd love one, no doubt the quality is amazing, in line with the former Woolrich clothing that used to be US made. But wow, the price is a no-go. I'd love their anorak!

  9. 👍🏻🇺🇸

  10. Hope you didn’t pay 650.00 for that.

  11. These buy once, cry once (heirloom) quality products are priced this way thanks to the (everybody is a winner) “new & improved” minimum wage.

    It’s gonna get much worse I’m afraid.
    Really nice US wool company… Thanks for sharing!!

  12. How’s the fit?

  13. How's it compare to your P-coat?

  14. That design is really not very good for the north!

  15. Good review, and thank you for your support of our fighting men and women. I'm sure it's a fine jacket (IT HAD BETTER BE) but 'quality' is a subjective thing : to a poor, cold man a warm blanket has plenty of quality.

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    First name Last name January 10, 2021 at 2:54 am

    Picked one up from the local thrift shop yesterday its a nice jacket

  17. That’s a woman’s jacket!
    The buttons are on the left = Womens
    If the buttons are on the right = Men’s
    $850.00😳 That’s beyond GREEDY!
    You can buy 2 Filson coats for that price.
    This company is trying to get rich overnight.
    I gave you a 👎 for reviewing a buttons on the left women’s garment. I would give you two thumbs down if I could for having the audacity to suggest a product so ridiculously overpriced by that company and keeping a straight face while doing so. You should be ashamed😔!

  18. I got pretty excited about that jacket and went to their website to price one out. Too bad I need new skins on my truck, because the cost is pretty close. Very nice jacket, and quality costs. Just have to take care of priorities, first.

  19. Hi Salty Dog, I go by Crackerjack or Danny Mc. I am an old submariner, and I have a shipmate that goes by Salty as well. I live in western WA, and during most of hunting and salmon/steelhead season, the rain is falling in temps from 50 to mid 30s. I have suede Geotech like most people, and pay around $300 for a jacket that is made outside the US, but I have to layer up for wet cold days. Then remove the layers as the weather changes. I have my activity jackets and jackets I use around the house so I do not tear or damage my activity clothes. An old friend says to wear wool with a thin layer, but I do not like the scratchy feelings. Just when I thought nothing is perfect, I found WeatherWool, and then YouTube videos. Maybe there is something near perfect. I say near perfect due the cost, but US made for as close to a perfect tool will cost. I like items that have many uses. Thanks for the video.

  20. Yeah but 900$ is kinda expensive

  21. Nice review. What size were you wearing in the video?

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