The Barbour Ashby Waxed Jacket. Fit, Features and Are They Worth The Hype?

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After the 4 season ad campaign Barbour was running on Netflix, otherwise known as The Crown, a lot of folks are kitting themselves out with a wax cotton jacket. But are they worth the hype surrounding them?

In this video, I take a look at the Barbour Ashby and we find out why this model could be better than the other popular Beaufort or Bedele for most of us out there.

Links to the jackets-

Ashby in Olive:
Ashby in Black:

Beaufort in Olive:
Beaufort in Black:

Bedele in Olive:
Bedele in Black:

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The Barbour Ashby Waxed Jacket. Fit, Features and Are They Worth The Hype?
The Barbour Ashby Waxed Jacket. Fit, Features and Are They Worth The Hype?
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  1. One thing you haven't mentioned… The smell!

  2. Reply
    Lars Stian Burhol July 11, 2021 at 4:03 pm

    Great info, thx

  3. what size ashby did you buy? not sure if you mentioned

  4. a tailor will put slippy silky lining in the sleeve and as you say twill or the tartan will not be used in the sleeves for the obvious reason. it is a written rule for a tailor 🙂

  5. Great review – thank you! Ive just picked up an Ashby in Olive and a Lightweight Ashby in Navy…

  6. Just picked up my first Barbour, the Border, a longer length version, keeps my backside dry when out on photography assignments and sitting on wet ground, logs, chairs etc. There is no big poacher pocket on the bum but two individual internal pockets that have removable waterproof liners, they are huge you can lose your lunch, a cold drink, a book, and a lot more in them. I have to say that the coat appears excellent, still too early to determine whether it will be long lasting but reviews seem to suggest it will be with me a good few years.

  7. The arms will leak in the Ashby because of the arm seems, that heavy duty polyester lining is not breathable, it’s like a plastic bag, arms will get sweaty

  8. The arms will leak in the Ashby because of the arm seems, that heavy duty polyester lining is not breathable, it’s like a plastic bag, arms will get sweaty

  9. The bedale is made in England the Ashby is made abroad, iv owned both, big quality difference

  10. Raw Denim, Leather bikers and waxed Barbours? I want to pay you a beer and i dont even know you….

  11. I chose the lightweight Ashby. Super jacket, and after a couple of years with it, I couldn’t be happier. I’ve sent it in for a minor repair and rewax, which is an excellent service.

  12. Tanks i bought the ashby olive its better for me in a slim cut. Can you tell me the brand of the leather jachet you show in this video its nice too its semms a schott…?

  13. Great explanation. Thanks man

  14. I wonder how a diy waved Levi’s jacket would work out?

  15. I guess english sense of humour is included with those jackets .
    My Duke has it to.

  16. Great video, thanks for sharing, what is your jacket size and chest measurement?

  17. Just cut the threads from the Velcro closure, ya dont need it

  18. Reply
    андрей киниченко October 20, 2021 at 9:34 pm

    deadbirdpocket is a must for a bike or a motorcycle

  19. Awesome video! And that cap – it's great. Mind sharing what it is?

  20. I prefer Flint and Tinder.

  21. Reply
    Konstantinos Vasilakos October 27, 2021 at 6:16 am

    I get your point that no need of extra room but try wearing a suit jacket in the winter with Ashby, stuffed is the first thing that comes in my mind.

  22. Hate to be a broken record but John Partidge landowner jackets are $99 on Amazon right now. They’re still made in England (even the zippers) and they are 8 oz waxed cotton. Everyone goes for Barbour but they’re made in Asia, aren’t finished as nicely or consistently, and are far more affordable.

    I’ve owned both and the only reasons to buy the Barbour are the logo, the lining (the blended lining on the partridge is more practical though – the jacket more easily slides over knitwear), You want/need a game pocket, or you want/need the 6oz fabric.

    In my experience the 8oz is more practical but it looks different. It’s less of the darker, “wetter” looking color that Barbour’s sykoil has. But again, in 90% of situations the 8oz fabric will be warmer, dryer, and more practical

  23. Beaufort is pronounced Bow For. Bedale is pronounced Bea Dale.

  24. One of my favorite waxed jackets is from Legendary Whitetails, 'Journeyman shirt'. Flint and Tinder make some nice ones, too.

    Waxed cotton is one of the most underutilized fabrics on earth. It's wonderful.

  25. Had Northumbria and a Gamefair since 1990
    Often mistaken for a bus driver
    Never warm
    Heavy when wet
    No hood
    No enough pockets
    Hot in summer
    Right wing connations
    Got a gore tex much better

  26. It’s to bad these old classics get hipstered by “men” who grow beards and act the part rather than actually living the part.City boys need to stick to skinny jeans and hoodies.

  27. That is really nice leather jacket

  28. Great video, but i'm not totally conviced by the Ashby. it depends on your morphology.

    You said that the fit is the most important, so for a tall or big guy the beaufort or bedale can be a better alternative than the ashby because both are roomy and so more confortable. the ashby can be ok for small or medium gabarits.

  29. Beauchamp is king, you can get a full sized salmon in the game pouch , you can’t sit down tho’

  30. What would be your footwear choice if you lived in an area that was wet and snowy? 6:22 that flap most likely is to prevent stagging the zipper on your sweater or shirt when you open or close the jacket using the bottom zipper.

  31. Whether the wax stains the seats in the car or in the house?

  32. 20 years in on a Gordon lined Beaufort this year. Been back home twice for repairs and re-wax. It has just gotten better with age. Picked up a new one last summer at a very good price, haven't even worn it yet though as a tall guy its sleeves and body is a bit longer than the original one. Are there better jackets? Probably but none that allude so much charm.

  33. Great video!! I always enjoy seeing something reviewed that I have. I purchased the Ashby because of the fit. I really really like it and my only complaint is the type of wax that barbour uses. Having an oil base, it's a lint magnet. I also have a Flint and Tinder waxed trucker jacket. It also fits well, is durable and doesn't have the lint issue. I had a Filson Tin Cloth Cruiser jacket. Very high quality, but very boxy and unflattering. I gave it to a friend who works on a farm. I would buy the Barbour and the Flint and Tinder again if something happened to either. Keep up the great work!!

  34. I’m torn between the Ashby and bedale , I tried on the Ashby and it fitted well, it’s probably the one that would suit me best , but I believe they aren’t made in England now, which puts me off , so I’m looking more at the bedale

  35. I recommend that women take a look at the Ashby when shopping for a Barbour jacket. I am 5’10/medium framed and I find the women’s jacket sleeves are too short. Also, the underarm is cut quite high and the shoulders are too narrow across the back for a good range of movement, or allow for a lot of layering underneath. The cut of the Ashby makes for a great slim but still roomy cut for women. My only problem with the Ashby is the polyester lining on the sleeves. I live in the Mid-Atlantic US, and the humidity even in winter turns the arms of that jacket into a sauna. Barbour will replace the lining in the sleeves with the tartan lining for a small fee, so I will be sending it back to them this summer to be redone.

    FYI – My guess is that the small flap at the base of the zipper is most likely meant to help prevent you catching your sweater or shirt into the zip when you zip up. A full length one is meant as a wind/weather barrier, but it isn’t necessary (and would add bulk) on a jacket that already has an exterior flap, so a short "mangle guard" like this would make sense. As a repeat sweater mangler, I like it!

    Others further down in the comments have mentioned they see a quality difference between the Ashby and the jackets made in England. I personally don’t. My husband got a Bedale on the same trip I got the Ashby, and we already have 2 Burghley’s from the 80’s. I looked at all of them together, and the Ashby had all of the same materials and traditional finishing details, used the same weight thread, and all the seams were stitched evenly and smoothly/corners were turned nicely and fabric grain was straight on all panels. The only difference was that the Ashby used more stitches per inch on the shoulder and side seams (the same number that is used on all seams but the shoulder/side seams across all the models I have). This could be a machining issue that is specific to that factory, or just a style issue specific to the design of the Ashby. Either way, I don't see a difference in quality, but I guess I'll know for sure in 10 years or so.

  36. Thanks for video 🙋🏻 just bought this jacket recently, Never worn as I immediately send it after paid to the factory for repairs ( sleeve length extension) and also I was ask about "customisation" of this clasp in inner chest pocket. It's a good portion u mentioned about it,this is just not acceptable in this price range. I have asked for similar button clasps as on the front. Great video 👍 Cheers

  37. I have a black Barbour Ashby and love it bit less farmer than the olive 😂 also recently acquired an orvis waxed Harrington which was a good find, love a wax jacket.

  38. Hi mate. I'm 5.11 medium build 14 stone what size should I get?

  39. I know what you mean about the vecro pockets they really need a redesign, you would have thought 100 years they should know they are bad. Not just barbour most jackets get rid of vecro

  40. All your arguments hold true: I loved my Barbour Jacket for all those points. LoveD. Truth is: If you do anything more in those jackets than going shopping or having a coffee, they will make you sweat badly. Let a few years pass by and that sweat makes the jackets stink and there is no way to that smell off since you cannot wash it.
    Also, anything more than a slight drizzle of rain, and you'll be wet in waxed cotton. So now, once it rains, I skip the style thing and throw on an Arcteryx Gore jacket: keeps me dry, weighs nothing, and I can throw it into the washer whenever I need to.

  41. My eyes broke trying to catch what watch yous was wearing. Submariner on leather nato strap?

  42. I got my self a ashby and it doesn't feel waxey is that normal for the Barbour ashby

  43. The Ashby is a twill weave? I was almost certain that the Barbour's use a plain weave (Bedale, Beaufort, Border).

  44. I had a Barbour Durham and that inside pocket was a zip and not velcro.

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