Velcro Strap on Fishing Shirts? | Fishing Shirt Functions | Fishing Shirt Review

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Welcome back to Fish Like Us! Today we’re going to show you what the Velcro strap on fishing shirts is for by walking you through our new favorite fishing shirt function with this fishing shirt review!

If you’re anything like us, you have at least a dual purpose for the places you spend your time and attention. For this reason, we have instinctively used the Velcro portion of our fishing shirts for multiple purposes as we imagine you have. Sunglasses holders, clippers, hooks. They conveniently hold a lot of small items when the weight is right.

We recently had the pleasure of fishing with the West Coast Shark Boys, and they let us in on a little nugget of fishing shirt wisdom which we share in our video.

For the sake of going into greater detail and assuring we know how to use the rest of our fishing shirts to their optimal levels, we have detailed the intended purpose of the Velcro strap on fishing shirts along with the pockets, vents, and holes on our blog. See link below.

Knowing the trick to use your Velcro strap on fishing shirts will level you up. Fishing with buddies is fun, but it also helps in carrying gear and holding things like fish or rods. With this new tip, you’ll be able to choose when to fish with friends – and when to go alone. You won’t need anyone to hold your rod, and you won’t compromise your rod by having to lay it in the sand or on the rocks while you use your hands to get your fish off.

The ability to get fish off the hook while holding your rod may seem like a moot point if you don’t fish much, or are used too catching little fish. However, you’re in the Gulf of Mexico now, and you’re guaranteed to land BIG fish here! For this reason, you’re going to need both hands to hold that fish and remove it from your hook safely. This new process of ‘setting your rod down’ will also keep the fish healthy and happy until you get them back to the water. And fish like that. And Fish Like Us!

Stay tuned for more tips and tricks on how to use Velcro in other ways by subscribing to our ‘How-To’ playlist. We look forward to seeing you on the water!
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Velcro Strap on Fishing Shirts? | Fishing Shirt Functions | Fishing Shirt Review
Velcro Strap on Fishing Shirts? | Fishing Shirt Functions | Fishing Shirt Review
  1. Find fishing shirts and other apparel on our products page!

  2. Thanks for the shout out Captain E' its time to go out on those yaks for a nice video !!!

  3. It’s a pole holder, it explains it in the description of the shirt if you buy online

  4. 'Un-release' like a boss

  5. I used to strap a fat joint in there on the boat. Now that I know, few less broken rods!!! Awesome

  6. I always stick my folded 😷 mask in there. 👍

  7. A monster crab will run you off the beach lol
    Great idea I'm going to detag a Daiwa patch and Velcro my own on the other side for the line cutters ,

    And if your taking off the sunnies it usually means dark time switch up ,


  8. Thank you, I have several shirts with this feature…and Now I know…fishing like you buddy…tight lines!

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