Fishing in a Nor-Eastern!! 50 MPH WINDS!! FT. Jon b. + LunkersTV

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Fishing in a Nor-Eastern!! 50 MPH WINDS!! FT. Jon b. + LunkersTV
Fishing in a Nor-Eastern!! 50 MPH WINDS!! FT. Jon b. + LunkersTV
  1. “You only came cause flair couldn’t”😂

  2. And your probably going to miss it because your a professional dumbass.🤣🤣🤣🤣I’m sure he’s jealous because your bank accounts bigger and your doing it by living a/the dream🤣🤣🤣

  3. It's called a nor'easter

  4. Professional dumb ass 😂🤣😂🤣

  5. Professional dumb ass 😂😂😂

  6. Please get that caterpillar of your face

  7. Haha professional dumb ass! Thanks Dad! 😂

  8. Perics Dad "You're a professional dummy" I love it

  9. “They are one of the number one companies” this statement hurt my head

  10. Wtf this is literally the weirdest video ever, I had no idea what was happening the whole video

  11. OSG is gonna be pissed it U don't hook her up with UR new sponsor lol. Hope U made it back ok. ThankQ. TkEZ>UK

  12. No notification again man

  13. Im from nj so i know those storms now i live in south fla and still going through the storms lol. Good show. Love Googan baits

  14. Shut up no one wants your bean clothes

  15. Bro whatever happened to that badass backpack you designed?? Been trying to find one similar for months. I need it

  16. “click off and watch come pewdi-“

  17. lol Dad is savage! Professional dumbass!

  18. Peric and his stache belongs on the cast of Super Troopers…

  19. nor’easter …. not nor eastern

  20. Dear Perick, I think you are great and Please do not listen to your parents. I felt so bad in the very beginning because of how your parents talked to you and treated you … Shame on them because you are great and you are doing so great. I am a mother and you should never call your child stupid … Never!!! God bless

  21. APBASSING 👍👍👍👍👍

  22. I really like the hoodie but idk about 100$ I think 70$ would be a much better and reasonable price

  23. I fucking love your dad "yup cause you're a professional dumbass"😂😂😂❤

  24. Your dad!!!! 😁😁😁 Keeping it real

  25. So much hate for Flair.. My opinion… Flair and JonB are the faces of the Googan Squad

  26. You have officially lost a ton of views

  27. Yup LL beans gear is great!! There flagship store is in my home town!!
    We har bad winds here in Maine to. Lost power for a while

  28. Alex Peric: Professional Dumbass

  29. Worst video and marketing scheme LL Bean sucks a caterpillar

  30. i missed it i could've said hi i work at o'hare would love to meet you

  31. The mustache has to go!

  32. Nice chomo stache. It's screaming "I am not allowed 500 feet within a school" lmao.

  33. dumb fucking video…literally just a giant commercial for shitty grandpa mail order clothing

  34. LLBean Love by guys with man buns everywhere.

  35. Nobody:


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