Trump wants you to buy L.L. Bean

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The President-elect tweeted his support of the company after an anti-Trump group called for a boycott.

Trump wants you to buy L.L. Bean
Trump wants you to buy L.L. Bean
  1. Counterfeit News Network needs to shut the fuck up and focus on real news


  3. LL Bean is a good quality company regardless of who one member supported. boycotting companies like this does nothing but make people look petty and foolish.

  4. im not fond of trump but i love llbeans slippers

  5. I love LL stuff out there..lasts forever

  6. fugly ass boots boycott their asses.. lmfao the supposed to be president finds a pair of boots a big deal of a problem shake my fucking head

  7. Just placed an order for quality clothes from L.L. Bean!

  8. those shoes are ugly anyways

  9. Very clever LLB commercial. I wonder how much they donated to Fox to set up this interview. No one knew about this boycott until fox aired this. Clever manipulation!

  10. It is "still" legal to spend your money where you want. If you like a companies politics you might spend your dollars there… If you don't like their politics, you might not want to spend your dollars there. Voting with your pocketbook is as old as our elections.

    Tfrump's business is WAY down all over the world, as people have decided that they would never support his politics. There are many other hotels where a traveler may spend their money.

    Same thing with outdoor products. Same thing with hobby supplies (Hobby Lobby). Same thing with fried chicken (Chick Fil A).

    Sorry Linda Bean, but that's the way it is with the public. (Until Tfrump makes it illegal)

  11. I don't LL Bean there clothing is ugly and overpriced

  12. LL Bean's business is centered on people enjoying the outdoors, which the Trump Administration has made no commitment to protect.

  13. Have been buying L.L. Bean for over 30 years. I will NEVER buy again !!!

  14. As long as you pay to Trump, you can import from China and get endorsement as well.

  15. O, I had to come over to this communist site to let you TOOLS know that my family and I are participating in a "BUY-cott".
    L.L. Bean will be getting some orders today. You feckless libtards can GFY. LOSERS!!!

  16. Buying L.L.Bean and supporting them!

  17. Trump is stock scamming the drug companies here with his comments the same as his stock deals he sold short for Amazon and Boeing. Trump and his clan of Goldman Sachs exec's are doing criminal insider trading based ahead of Trump's known comments on hundreds of American companies. Trump , and his close friends are using Trump's timed tweeter comments nad national speech comments to GAME…the Stock Market for their own personal gain. Trump is even ordering stocks of pot companies to be sold short …ahead of Trump making comments on DOJ changing rules and laws that effect the States with legal pot sales….These companies have lose huge market share. Trump mad his friends knew Trump would make the comments and took short positions in the same stocks to profit when the stocks fell in value. Trump is doing this to Boeing, and all the companies he has been attacking !! Trump and his Goldman Sacks cabinet members are doing criminal insider trading on these comments as they are connected to Trump and his stock schemes. Trump is a crook and unfit to lead this nation! He and his Goldman Sachs cabinet, needs to be investigated by the SEC. This is Trump being corrupt ! Wake up America !!

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