How To Get Rid of Bed Bugs – Ace Hardware

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Learn how to eliminate bed bugs from your home and stop infestation using Harris EPA registered products. Always use caution with products and read the manufacturers label completely before use.

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How To Get Rid of Bed Bugs – Ace Hardware
How To Get Rid of Bed Bugs – Ace Hardware
  1. Please we're can I get this chemical in Nigeria

  2. Please we're can I get this chemical in Nigeria

  3. Didn’t for used a whole bottle

  4. Baking soda eats away at them . Don't use alcohol it won't kill them and makes them spread

  5. You take all your infested bedding to a laundromat?!? Good way to spread them around town.

  6. U wanna get rid of bedbugs? buy 1 gallon of 92% rubbing alcohol. spray everything. baseboards in the hallway, cushions on furniture. I enclosed a small room where the infestation started and most of the bugs were at. And there were a lot. Don't move to another room u have to spray the hell out of the room with alcohol in some small spray bottles. eventually they will come out of the cracks and head for the open carpet. Hundreds were on my carpet crawling. you could even hear them marching. I vacuumed them up tossed and resprayed while leaving door shut. Now just when the odor of alcohol has dissapated respray the hell out of it again then leave the room shut for a few hours. I promise if you spray that whole gallon of alcohol in there over a weeks time they will all die. The alcohol will basically smother the bugs to death. The alcohol smell will go away after a day or 2

  7. Where and how can i get tht products

  8. If bedbugs live in beds

    Where does cockroaches live?

  9. Am in Kenya how can I find that spray

  10. I am watching this vedio on3:40 am

  11. Ekelhaft und das im Jahr 2022🤢🤮

  12. This is my problem this month, I got so many bites.

  13. Fuck the bed bug!!!! What is the main cause of these bastard keep coming?

  14. I had bed bugs as a kid and got rid of them for about 2-3 years by just getting rid of the bed but they ended up showing back up and now I have one little dude and two of his homies locked up trying to find out where all his friends are hiding

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