Fishing Apparel Brand Tier List – No Fishing Experience Required

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Fishing Apparel Brand Tier List – No Fishing Experience Required
Fishing Apparel Brand Tier List – No Fishing Experience Required
  1. Darn I passed on 2 SHORTS of free fly a few days ago because the prices went up and couldn’t find the exact model. Also they looked a bit like beach shorts

  2. I love finding PFG with sport logos on the chest.

  3. Great video as always! I am still blown away by the folded envelope video you did. I cant believe HOw MUCH MORE ROOM it gives you. Pure genius my friend! I learn something everytime I watch and I appreciate that so much. Thank you

  4. Really helpful info! Thank you!

  5. I used a Thompson back in the 70’s. And it’s still functional. Steelhead, when the fog is starting to lift off the water and it’s just the sound of the water and you. Magical. Spotting one and hiking down stream to drop a streamer you tied. Wow! Hard to explain. Back then Orvis was huge. And very high end.

  6. Thanks for all of your great insight. I recently picked up a fishing shirt from Reel Tree. Was hoping to see it represented in this video, but now I’m guessing it’s just an ass brand. Lol.

  7. I found a one of those light weight hoodie pelagic shirts a couple weeks ago at a garage sale for $1! It's womens though, so we'll see.

  8. Been waiting on your new video, your the only person I watch & get my skills from no bs. I had a good past 2 days farming some retail GWs, I like to hit right before the first because between the first & 3rd it's chalked here. But been finding a lot of Woolrich vintage & it's doing alright for me I know u said that u had a down swing in it but I've been doing pretty good with it found like 2 jackets 3 button shirts & 2 nice vest all vintage Woolrich. But the hottest "Fishing" brand that I've been moving is KuiU don't know if you've heard of it but found a few pieces & both sold immediately! Thanks again for these videos only thing I'm missing is a really nice camera once I get it, I think your going to have competition bud lmao joking homie appreciate the wisdom.

  9. Very educational and informative, thank you so much! Another great video!

  10. Some brands I haven't of, so good video. Thanks you!

  11. We live in Minnesota, lots of bass and walleye fishing in our area and find fishing brands often, don't know anything about the ocean fishing brands though, thank you.

  12. I love your vocabulary. Good video

  13. I really like these types of videos. Really helps record to memory not just the brand but the brand tag as well. Thanks for posting

  14. Very important….
    Lets not forget to get our fishing licence and get out there and emerse ourselves in nature!! Put work to the side for a day or, just a few hours! Even if you don't fish, go find some water and relax there…Does wonders and we need to love ourselves 💓

  15. This is awesome. Also really cool you were a fishing guide. Very interesting

  16. You had me there for a sec! I was sweating!

  17. Appreciate all of your tutorials!

  18. Love when you do these type of videos ! Thx 🙏 love selling huk and Patagonia

  19. I work construction and seek out UV protection fishing shirts to wear to work. The venting is great, utility pockets helpful and I hope the UV protection is working because I hate sunscreen. Love my angler shirts! Lol 😆

  20. I watched this video this afternoon and went to my Goodwill a bit later and found 13 Simms short sleeve shirts!! Plus some Patagonia and Kuhl. I live in a small town in the desert in Southern NM, not much water or fishing around here. I am in shock.

  21. I always thought Field and Stream was a Dick’s Sporting Goods exclusive brand partnership but that’s just because I never see it anywhere else. I could be totally wrong.

  22. One interesting thing about this video is seeing how many different ways graphic designers can integrate a hook into typefaces

  23. I am henceforth adopting the term “Trout belt”
    Pure genius. Is that yours? I’ve never heard it before but it’s perfect

  24. I have fished for years and learned a ton in this video

  25. The hot reveal of this video is that you guided in Alaska…. WTF bro?! Now the prospect of you starting a fishing channel has changed dynamics. How dare you deny us a fishing channel any longer? Frankly I demand it on behalf of all your fishing minded viewers. Stop procrastinating.

  26. Have you ever done an outdoor brand tier list video? I’m thinking Prana, Vuori, Patagonia etc

    I feel like you have but I’m too lazy to go look

  27. I really liked this video format. Super informative, as always. Thanks for sharing!

  28. This is such good info. We have found 2 Simms Jackets at Savers, sold one for $150, still researching the second one, it has not been easy to find online. I have found HUK and PFG at yard sales but they were in bad shape.

  29. I live about five hours from the gulf and people around here have salt life stickers on their car because they want people to know they love the beach. I never even knew they made clothing lol

  30. Thanks! Been finding more fishing apparel up here in WI. Wasn’t ready to jump on it. I’ll be more comfortable wading in now… 🙌🏾😜

  31. Dang….why no Tommy Bahama?

  32. Really love this informative type of video. Thank you for bringing so much valuable information.

  33. I watched this video today and literally went out to Goodwill after and found 3 SIMMS shirts and a Patagonia shirt.

  34. Looking for some help identifying a silky, sexy fishing shirt (oh, yes, there is such a thing). The tag has PFG (nothing about Columbia), 2XL and nothing else. There is a triangle on back with “cooling tech” on it. It is vented and the care tag says “design in Italy” the word Luxury is underlined. Have you ever heard or seen this? Maybe an older version of Columbia PFG? Any help is greatly appreciated! Love your channel!

  35. Great video. Thank you for providing

  36. This was the best graph that I have ever seen. Thanks. for showing the label and logo. Lots of good info.

  37. I have a SIMMS women’s fishing shirt, excellent condition and it’s had no bites for weeks. Do you know if women’s is the exception?

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