LL Bean "Windchallenger Fleece:" Reference Fleece

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A great mid or even outer layer in cool conditions, the LL Bean “Windchallenger” Fleece jacket set standards of value, fit, quality, comfort, durability, color availability, and versatility. For a Polartec Windbloc® fleece jacket, you could easily spend twice this much and not improve on the performance of the WFJ (as of 2010, the Patagonia non-windblocking “R1” model is $150!). The Windbloc fleece does a good job of helping in the “DAM” (Dead Airspace Management) task as it helps preserve that warmth you’ve generated and this membrane will add a few degrees of warmth over non-windblocking capable fleece. And yet it remains very breatheable, forgiving in a wide variety of temperature ranges assignments. Available in extended sizes, most folks will be able to find this Windchallenger Jacket in appropriate sizing and the cut of the jacket is just right, avoiding any unnecessary looseness (which makes it harder to keep warm) or constricting fit (this fleece actually stretches when needed). Comfort is high and the quietness of the Polartec fleece is appreciated. Some will prefer the more technical “hard shell” fleece jackets and many are excellent. But as a basic mid-layer wind-capable fleece, this remains a solid choice. Quality of all materials is excellent throughout (shown) which results in high durability and no pilling even though subjected to hard use. Moreover, like all LL Bean stuff, it comes with a lifetime warranty and they will back it. The best color is black for the highest versatility but other good ones are availale in the LL Bean Windchallenger Fleece jacket (Taupe also very cool). All this adds up to a jacket that will be heavily used in a wide variety of climates and situations. There may a few lighter weight fleece options out there but the value of the LL Bean WFJ and its other qualities (especially its windblocking capabilities) allow it to compete with or dominate most other in-category offerings. It remains a Nutnfancy favorite. ///////////////////////////////////// Nutnfancy Likability Scale (cost considered): 10 out of 10 /////////////////////////////////// Music:

LL Bean "Windchallenger Fleece:" Reference Fleece
LL Bean "Windchallenger Fleece:" Reference Fleece
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  1. just ordered one =)

  2. Gore-tex or eVent, chose one!

  3. I got one of these super cheap last year on sale at a Bean outlet store and it is hands-down one of the most versatile fleece jackets I've ever used. The wind block often makes it much warmer in "real world" conditions than a theoretically warmer 300wt. fleece that the wind just cuts right through.

    It's also worth pointing out that the windbloc membrane gives this jacket better overall water resistance than most fleeces but does make it a little less breathable vs. a conventional fleece.

  4. this baby is $69 at ll bean right now (Nov-Dec 2010) im getting one now

  5. @edarotag84 i see youve ruled out the 100% possibility of snow

  6. Picked one up with a hood based on the review. Got 10% off and free shipping. It now has WEATHER GUARD BEHIND ZIPPER. I wear a T-shirt and fleece pullover under it and can withstand 20 degrees due to the DAM factor. Or where in the office. I don't mind spending the money if its worth it and this is and will last. Love it.
    THANK Nutnfancy!!!

  7. @edarotag84 Thats snow dummy

  8. I just got my windchallenger fleece jacket and love it. My wife liked it so much that she got one too! Thanks for the great review.

  9. lol, nutnfancy, i actually kind of like shooting in the cold so i can test my cold weather gear too. In fact, i actually shoot better on cold days since my eyewear fogs up too much on hot days

  10. Hey Nutn, how about some more clothing and flashlight reviews? i live in NYC so picking up guns and knives will either cost too much or bury me in paperwork. keep up the good work!

  11. these are up to $90 reg / $100 tall. Guess ill be waiting for a sale

  12. Bought this jacket last winter FREKIN ROCKS love this thing and i didn't even know NutnFancy did a review on this

  13. Nutn, you may think these little reviews are a waste of time because they don't get the same amount of views as more exciting things like knives, but they're are a very valuable shopping resource for us all. Thanks.

  14. Dude I agree with AtPeacePiece 100%! Keep these things coming. I hit up the local LL Bean store today to pick one up. Grabbed the Super 200 Cresta Fleece as well, awesome deals going on as we speak!

  15. i think the new ones have an interior storm flap

  16. Hmm, I'm actually interested in that vest version now. It's neat that they offer all those options.

  17. I wish nutn would make more video reviews on clothing. I know he thinks the views are not there but for people like me who get outside and adventure it's important. Nutn or Veri if you see this please consider this section of your viewers. We really appreciate such informed reviews. Sure your not getting 100k views or even 50k but you will still make some money on this and for the people that need good clothing for outdoors it's hard to come by quality reviews such as this. Please consider it.

  18. Love these fleeces, I would have never known about them had you not put it out there.
    And oh, btw, they are on sale right now for 59 bucks (2-11-14).

  19. 30 min review….

  20. I have wanted one since I have seen this and I recently picked up a XXL red hooded, ($109) along with the gortex LL Bean stowaway paints . I have had the stowaway rain jacket black XXL now for a while and it works great and they all integrate nicely. It has come in handy for those rainy days. I have a short walk to my car to the work site it has come in very handy. I just throw it on over my suit. They have changed a bit but it is still a great option. Now I have a good multilayered system that I can wear casually and thrown on the gortex when it rains and or add a couple of layers for cold weather camping. The jacket looks nice, is good quality and is a very comfortable light jacket for cool nights. I am looking forward to the next rain so I can take a walk. I was wanting to get a 3in1coat like the military have but they are pricey and this system is more versatile and good enough for a average guy like me. Thanks again for doing my homework for me! My next rain related purchase will be the Blunt Umbrella.

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