L.L. Bean Makeup/Skincare/Toiletry Bag Review , Vlog to Murphy, NC

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Jim and I traveled to Murphy N.C. to attend a family reunion. Today, I will be reviewing the L.L. Bean Travel Bag, and sharing my essential cosmetics, and skin care. I share a little of our road trip, and some vlogging in N.C.

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My Video March 2016 – Beauty Items for 4 Day Getaway:

My Experience With Permanent Eyeliner (This video was filmed in July 2014, before I started using Retin A):
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L.L. Bean Makeup/Skincare/Toiletry Bag Review , Vlog to Murphy, NC
L.L. Bean Makeup/Skincare/Toiletry Bag Review , Vlog to Murphy, NC
  1. Great organiser so useful. great vlog beautiful scenery xoxo

  2. Hi MaryEllen!! That is a great travel, cosmetic bag ๐Ÿ™‚ I like the makeup mirror too. Kristin does find some nice things to share. Happy you had a great trip. The country side was beautiful. Love ya!

  3. MaryEllen,โคโค
    I wish I would have known you were going to be in NC!!:) I moved from the Chicago suburbs to near Raleighb4 years ago:). We love it here!! Hope you enjoyed the weather and the open air here in this veautifu l state while you were here๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’–

  4. Excellent video! You look stunning!

  5. Hi MaryEllen!! You must have had a wonderful trip because you look beautiful!! I love Kristinn. She is so savvy about products.I'm on vacation right now with spotty internet and I took everything but the kitchen sink. I love that travel bag you got. I'm having a wonderful family vacation UP in N.Y. state. It's God's country UP here. My keyboard is going bezerk!! So happy I could catch your video. I'll be back next week…Lots of blessings and big hugs and Lots of love, Mary xoxo โš˜โค

  6. Howdy from Murphy, TX. What a coincidence. Lol. We do live in a Murphy. How are you ME? I finally have a moment to catch on. I am very happy you enjoyed the road trip. Do not worry about the vlogs. We still enjoy your content. I cannot begin to explain how many time I make attempts to vlog and my plans would just fall apart. I do not have the time to do much editing either. The bag looks very handy and I am saving this video just in case I need to make reference. Who knows when I'll need a bag for travel?! You look beautiful and I did not know you sing. How fun. Thanks for sharing my beautiful friend. Hugs!

  7. That's a great bag! I love the plaid and it looks like it's perfect for travel! L.L. Bean has so many great things for travel! ๐Ÿ˜Šโœˆ๏ธโœจ

  8. Oh Mary Ellen – I saw Kristinn's earlier video on those LL Bean organizers and I got me one last year; use it all the time. Mine's a tropical print; I don't think they have it anymore. I use that Laura Geller brush all the time. I have had mine for years and it's still holding up! Girl, I wish you had stopped to see me in Georgia; I would have been happy to see you and Jim. My parents were both born in Illinois, Mt. Sterling & Quincy. Lots of family in Illinois. Much love. Rose xx ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. Great vid. The scenery on the 2-lane road looks a lot like Arkansas!!

  10. I think you are such a lovely person. I am impressed with the way you mention other content creators and recommend them. Big thumbs up, ma'am, and thanks for such an excellent channel.

  11. Such a practical setup , loved it ๐Ÿ™‚ I really wanna try the super hero mascara. You look great as always xoxo amanda

  12. Hello, beautiful ๐Ÿ™‚ I might just have to look up the bare minerals duo of shadows, I have wanted to try their shadows like that. Oh, the area you looked so nice, it does actually remind me of here, as in all the hills and turns on the road. We have a road we call it the snake road as it turns , thanks for taking us along ๐Ÿ™‚ love and blessings xoxo <3

  13. What a beautiful drive! I love road trips like that. It's one of the best things about summer. Speaking of gorgeousโ€ฆ I assume you are having the same beautiful, unseasonable weather that we're having in my area, too. I can't get over how cool it is for August. I actually have all the windows open right now! xoxo, Swoozie

  14. That bag is perfect! I think it would hold all my "necessities" when I travel.

  15. I need to get me that bag, enjoyed your blog. Ordered ARGIRELINE Serum from Skin Deva, I've never tried that one. I'll let you know if I see any improvements on my marionette lines.

  16. I live in Chattanooga and travel through Murphy often to get to Black Mountain. Do you take the road through Ocoee? I love that Drive! Where did you eat in Chattanooga?

  17. I recall exchanging a very personal note with Mary Ellen and she showed enormous empathy from across the miles.I find her voice very soothing…and she is guaranteed to begin with "Good Morning" and I so need that..I'm sure I'm not the only person,but some of you will understand where I'm coming from…..and "Its All Good"

  18. Mary Ellen I adored the clip of you travelling and I think more of that would be wonderful…I feel I'm travelling with you and hearing about new places that are unknown to me.It was fascinating Mary Ellen,Thank you.X

  19. I so enjoy trips on country back roads. Glad you and Jim had a good time with family! Pretty scenery.

  20. You did your eyes today and mentioned the knock off color switch. What was that?

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