The Christmas Invasion: Tenth Doctor Cosplay How-To No. 2

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Hi everyone! So sorry I haven’t put out a video in a while – been very busy and also sick 🙁 But I’m quite excited for this one – a complete how-to put together the pajama outfit from The Christmas Invasion!

Spoonflower Pajama Fabric

Christopher James Pamajas

LL Bean Pajamas

Howick Plain Piped Toweling Robe from House of Fraser

Same Robe on eBay from suit-saver

LL Bean Navy Blue Dressing Gown

Navy Blue Robes on Amazon

Isotoner A-Line Microterry Slippers from Amazon

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The Christmas Invasion: Tenth Doctor Cosplay How-To No. 2
The Christmas Invasion: Tenth Doctor Cosplay How-To No. 2
  1. Wow, pajamas can be most expensive than Magnoli suits…

  2. Twenty minutes talking about pajamas. And yet, I watch all twenty minutes of it.

  3. Are you going to put up a hair tutorial also?

  4. I was just thinking, are these the same PJ's he wore in Smith & Jones?
    Anyway, nice find. However, after looking around a bit, I found something that pretty much has the same main colours, if you wanna have a look. You may have seen these already, because I found you on an old RPF forum, so you must have been looking around quite extensively.
    Here it is:

    Also, if you have any disposable income ( say, 300 dollars) and you wanna take your chances, you could always do this:
    If you buy a life size Tardis model from here, they throw in some free Tenth Doctor Pyjamas in as an incentive. As they don't show you any pictures, you don't really know how accurate they may or may not be, so this is super risky, and probably quite ridiculous 😂

  5. ive watched many of your videos and the one thing I noticed is that you have david tenants eyes

  6. are you going to grow your hair longer because david has a bit more longer hair

  7. one more thing how do you have the money to pay for all these suits I meen I just bought mine a couple days ago and man is it ever exspensive its like 163$ in canada

  8. Finagling…I have a new favorite word!!!

  9. You should also review the tenth doctor blacktie costume

  10. Is your Fiancé into all this?? I hope so. If so, what will she go as to all the conventions?

  11. Hey. Is there much appetite for having a weave of the actual fabric used for the Tenth's overcoat made? Or, the inner lining? There must be places that are able to do that. Great video!

  12. Now I want to put this together! I have a feeling I'd just wear these as my normal pajamas a lot though. Hmm…

  13. @Georgie Orman You're referring to the one that human John Smith wears? Maybe sometime in the future! I feel like that one would be quite expensive to put together.

  14. Lol do you also put an apple in the pocket of the robe like in the episode?

  15. +TenthDoctorMatt you are so awesome bro!

  16. I've watched every David Tennant episode ever and your reviews are 100% 5.0/5.0 accurate.

  17. who else noticed that at 8:52 he put thift instead of thrift

  18. hey do you think you can Possibley do a Hair Tutorial of The 10th doctors Hair in The Christmas Invasion? unless you cant but i really want to know how to XD I mean like the one in the Thumbnail!

  19. Why did I watch a whole twenty minutes of a guy talking about pajamas? Oh ya because nothing happens on a Sunday.

  20. I thought he was also gonna discuss the hair…

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