L.L. Bean Cresta Hiker Boot Review

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L.L. Bean Cresta Hiker Boot Review
L.L. Bean Cresta Hiker Boot Review
  1. Hey im really interested in these boots. how long is the break in period and how long will they last?

  2. Nice vid. Where are they made? I know you state in vid they utilize Italian leather etc but where are the boots made? Thanks again for the vid. kthxbaibai.

  3. Thanks RB22. The Bean is solid I totally agree. As a backpacking/mountaineering boot snob(La Sportiva, Zamberlan, Danner, Limmer, Pre-Chinese made Vasque etc) I had never considered the Cresta until now. Thanks again for putting the time in for an informative vid.

  4. They WERE made in italy until about 2 years ago. Now made in romania like asolo and some cheaper lowas. BUT they are still kickass. Ive had both versions. Hard to find a better boot for the money. I only wish they made a leather lined version without goretex.

  5. These are the best fitting boots I've owned. These seem to be 1/2 size bigger which works for me because 12.5 don't exist

  6. I was a little bummed watching the LL Bean video and then getting them and seeing Made in Romania…. I called them to take down that video, still a wicked boot but Italy vs an Easter Euro Russian Block Nation… not the same and is misleading to consumers.

  7. I've worn these 5-6 days a week and get them wet every morning, the soles are separating a little, but they are still 100% waterproof. These are my third pair of Goretex boots, Goretex boots leak after a couple months, these don't because of the construction and leather I guess

  8. I love these boots so much. For me, Romania…Italy… it doesn't matter.

  9. I wore through the insoles, replaced them with gel insoles, then they didn't fit right and my toe wore through the Goretex. Then I returned them for a fresh pair.

  10. mine came from cabela's but same boot. after about a decade, not one frickin problem also that cup in the background from the circus is sweet i have the same one from when i was a kid.

  11. One thing you also might wanna mention; there are only 4 boot companies that I am aware of that produce NARROW width hiking boots, Vasque, Lowa, Danner and…LL Bean. All of the other manufacturers don't produce a decent B width boot. I haven't bought a pair of these yet but I'm gonna, the other 3 boot makers don't have a narrow hiking boot style that is single leather construction like these.

  12. Just bought these boots this past weekend…….lol, get this……in the Mansfield, MA store. From Raynham. I can say right now….beautiful boot, very well put together, but they are going to take a long time to break in. I do plan on ordering a Superfeet Green insert. If you're from the area and would like to meet up some night for a cup of Joe, let me know. Do you ever check out the classes LL Bean offers on Tues/Thurs nights? I normally go to the store in Dedham but as of late, been going to Mansfield. Great to see a local yocal here on the tube.

  13. I love my Cresta's. To me they are a classic boot with staying power. They're also one of the very few companies that make hiking boots in narrow. Well, I'm tall as are a lot of women these days, and the 11's are too short for comfort down hill for me. I may be able to get away with a relatively flat hike, but If they only made women's up to 12….

  14. I'm on my 4th pair in 18 months. My last two pair are narrow and fit even better. First two pair my toes wore through the Goretex and my last pair I crushed the toes. Off course I took full advantage of Bean's lifetime guarantee.

  15. Hi
    What do you put on them to condition the leather?

  16. Steel shank on these boots?

  17. How is the sizing? I'm a 12 in some shoes, but tennis sneakers I wear a size 13 (Adidas and Nike). Btw, bonded leather is not good. Italian FULL GRAIN leather is what these are made of.

  18. Just got myself a pair off Ebay for 50! They were worn once and just need a polishing they guy told me. I got them and wow are they nice! They really have only been worn once! I can't believe the deal I got. I already conditioned them with obenaufs heavy duty lp and they look brand new! I put my insoles in them and can't wait to break them in. They're definitely stiff! I really hope they last

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