Saturday GARAGE SALE Finds ~ May 13th ~ LL Bean Haul

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My Garage Sale Finds for Saturday May 13th. Started out very slow, Stayed in my local hometown. only about 10 Sales today and a couple unadvertised one’s that finally paid off. I don’t typically pick up to many clothing items in the summer but when you run across a deal like I found today I couldn’t pass it up. !

Hope all your Garage Sale Adventures went well this weekend.

Please feel free to share your finds below or if you have any Questions or Comments for me Please leave them below as well. Subscribe if you haven’t done so already.

Have a Great Day everyone FINS UP!

Saturday GARAGE SALE Finds ~ May 13th ~ LL Bean Haul
Saturday GARAGE SALE Finds ~ May 13th ~ LL Bean Haul
  1. Good morning Andy 😋 outstanding ! Good for you, I'm watching of course on my lunch and I have my mouth open good job way to go . have a great night

  2. All's well that end's well and you are right sometimes it pays to pay up and glad you found that estate sell….I have not had much if any garage sells in my neighborhood or nearby….last weekend they advertised two but never found them and also road construction which was frustrating but hoping one of these fine days to hit the Garage Sell Jackpot….did one day last Summer found a mint Levis Mens Jean Jacket for $1.00 and Men's True Religion Jeans EUC for $1.00 now, that is about the prices you pay back in Illinois…correct????  Happy Hunting !  Corie

  3. Nice score on the LL Bean shirts. Between you and Endless Entre. I think I'll pass on any LL Beam items I come across in the near future! Y'all cornered the market for the time being! 😀

  4. Went to local thrift store they were having $5 to fill a bag- got 23 pieces of clothes in the bag!

  5. Oh man you passed up old bobbleheads?!? You're breaking my heart! Good video though bud, love hearing about your Saturday finds

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