5 Natural Ways to Repel Mosquitoes

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Mosquito population grow exponentially at the end of summer. Mosquitoes make it very difficult and miserable to be outside. Here are 5 ways to naturally repel mosquitoes. These 5 ways are all natural and non toxic if used correctly.

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5 Natural Ways to Repel Mosquitoes
5 Natural Ways to Repel Mosquitoes
  1. What about your 2013 method of Beer and mouthwash?

  2. Almost a year later here i am…mosquitoes are huge pain… we need to mass murder them 😂

  3. Where do you get the smoker from? Its unique and beautiful

  4. Love it when i sleep to much i spray then nothing has garilic gonbavtrybthat

  5. Your poor little plant needs a bigger pot

  6. Thanks for all your tips. I use peppermint essential oil with rubbing alcohol or hydrogen peroxide in a spray bottle and spay myself before going out into the garden and I carry my bottle with me and spay as I go. It works great!

  7. Great info 👍🏾👌🏾

  8. What is the receipe for the garlic?

  9. Why would anyone want to"repel" them? That's our problem, instead of repelling them they should be killed. If everyone killed them one day there wouldn't be any anywhere!

  10. A blender would do much better lot's more garlic juice u'd have to strain it good so u wouldn't clog the sprayer

  11. I am going to try these idea,thank for the info

  12. Were do you live? Not much help to without knowing just where you are. We're in Missouri. Mosquitoes can be terrible. Would really be more helpful if I could figure out where you are. 🤨🤨🤨

  13. Garlic Doesn't work for mosquito … Whoever will try this will regret it for spraying garlic in your door

  14. Amazing!! So many ways
    To repel….yet he is bitten like crazy…i have an even better smoker….burn the house down… and you can even barbeque your dinner .

  15. Or you can drill holes in the bottom edge for venting(in the can)

  16. Hi Jag, I have been used eucalyptus for my difficult breathing and also used for my back or body aches. So what is your opinion?

  17. Where did you get your smoker device? That looks like it might be effective

  18. just catch mosquitoes and spray vinegar in their eyes and let them go.

  19. I can use 3-4 different oils and it doesn't work very long. I got 37 bites in 5 hours. I'm allergic, they make gardening dreadful. I used Eucalyptus, peppermint and lavender.

  20. Hi Jag..thanks for the tips a question can we burn been leaves to repel mosquitoes.I come from a tropical country high humid…mornings and late evenings are common for these mosquito es…..TQ Eparam M,ysia

  21. I'm going to try using garlic. It works on dogs 🐕 to keep fleas away!

  22. I put all eleven secret herbs and spices into my lotion. Now only my neighbors bite me!

  23. I thought he was gonna spray himself with the garlic water lol. TY for sharing.

  24. Thanks for this informational ❤️❤️

  25. SHORT version: DISH SOAP. Add all the witch hazel and oils you want (cedarbark, lemon lime lavender whatever) – ADD DISH SOAP and water too SHAKE IT UP and they DROP! And your room smells good.

  26. Wow! a lot of people must be using those smokers. Look at the smog in the background amongst the trees.

  27. #askdaisycreekfarmswithjagsingh
    Would it be awful to burn garlic in the bee or tin can smoker along with other repellant herbs?

  28. Looks indian, but seems American

  29. It's mid-Oct and we're still seeing those bloody (lol) mosquitos in S. Canada! Ridiculous! Thanks for these ideas; they love my sweet blood!

  30. Pro tip: pour the water into the mortar, then dump into the pan. You'll get more of the garlic juice.

  31. I’ve never had a problem with my eucalyptus oil directly on the bottom of my feet. I don’t wonder if it was diluted already?
    I have heard lavender also repels mosquitos

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