Sköll gear best uv protection clothing

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Hey guy’s I wanted to start as a Canadian pro-staff representative of Sköll company. I am very proud to say their clothing, it is one of the best thing to wear out in the sun that I have ever tried. I went fishing all day long with the long sleeve jersey and never got hot with it once. That day I was running in the plus 30 degrees on the water, couldn’t believe how amazing this clothing was. Has a pro-staff I recommend this clothing for anyone as a golfer, kayak or Fisherman to go out in the sun and protect your self out there with Sköll product. The sun is very hot and please take a moment guy’s and go to skoll website and follow them on Facebook for this amazing clothing and take also a moment to watch the video. Don’t forget to share & like the video so people could see this amazing product! thanks guys you won’t regret it and don’t forget you could follow me on other social medias!!
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Sköll gear best uv protection clothing
Sköll gear best uv protection clothing
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