Don't Make This Mistake at Estate Sales

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Don’t Make This Mistake at Estate Sales

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Don't Make This Mistake at Estate Sales
Don't Make This Mistake at Estate Sales
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  1. Yeah where is the mistake?

  2. You're my eBay store link only brings you to eBay's homepage not your actual store

  3. Does this guy always buy junk

  4. you seem like such a nice guy. I hope the best for you and your family.

  5. Do you have the number or Address of the people with the Face mugs because I am interested in them.

  6. In Southwest Michigan, the word "haggle" may as well be Latin, because Estate Sales don't recognize the concept.

  7. Very interesting finds.

  8. Hey! Please come see us at our awesoe Estate Sales at Caring Transitions of North Central Cincinnati. I would love to meet you and give you great deals on some of our fantastic items! Our website is!/storeDetail/161/0

  9. Reply
    Got Junk In Our Trunk November 30, 2019 at 1:13 am

    Gotta love discount days at estate sales. Since I retired from hosting them myself I am loving cleaning up at other companies' sales here locally. So many miss so much when they originally price, due diligence is not their strong suit.

  10. Nightmare- why anyone would think that people wanna watch this crap. These are experiences we block out of our minds and attempt to forget. Wise up folks and discern.

  11. The world is a vampire

  12. Click bait

  13. Why do you lot up scrabble tiles into a 1,000 piece bag? Are people playing scrabble with that many pieces?

  14. Dude you are already getting a good deal why do you have to keep beating them down get a real job

  15. You said you ran out of money….I know for a fact most estate sales take credit.

  16. Love those Xmas jumpers

  17. wait someone explain why he said “that’s nine” after the women said “three and three” did I miss something?

  18. Dasko shoes even used will sell well to nurses

  19. Never go to professional estate sales if you want to make money flipping items.

  20. You should of grabbed those football helmets if it is football season

  21. 1st time checking your channel..sometimes lack of money is the only way us pickers can stop buying at a sale (Im sure you already know this) lol

  22. Love the Smashing Pumpkins shirt!! Seen them 4 times. Always an incredible show!

  23. Must be nice to be rich good job thoe man

  24. Reply
    The Anxious Adventurer December 2, 2019 at 7:02 pm

    Great lil video! I'm subscribed for sure! I love when the guy asked you if you were Facebook,lol! I wonder, did you ever sell you civil war generals doorstops/bookends? I'm sure somebody picked them right up, but I have to ask. I'm looking for a civil war related set of bookends as a gift for my dad this Christmas. Let me know! Are you on eBay? What's your username? I appreciate any info and am tuned in for future videos! Thanks!
    Jim Brown
    Bonez Customs and Collectables
    @bonezcustoms on IG
    eBay- bonezcustoms

  25. My favorite finds you got. The Tin and the plaines. She gave you a good deal on those Plaines, my dad collected those for year's, i guess i like them for more sentimental reasons then anything. Great video. Thank you…

  26. Love the lions helmet

  27. I would have asked about the Byer's Choice on the table. They are selling for very good money on eBay. The Dansko's (if not worn on the heels) should sell for about $60 to $80 depending on wear.

  28. yr wearing a Pumpkins shirt. 🤗

    <—— subscribed a second time.

  29. Is it illegal to tape Inside people’s houses without permission ??

  30. Great picks. I've run out of money at sales, but running out of money is sometimes the universe's way of telling you – you've bought enough.

  31. @cinncinatipicker you know what's crazy? My father had those civil war bookends and I inherited them after his passing. I had to sell before I moved to Montana from new Jersey.

  32. That’s a lion 🦁

  33. After finishing watching the video, I still have that feeling that the video is not complete… my head is…????? Still waiting for the end…

  34. Next time u see sheet music u should buy it I will totally pay for that

  35. Love the channel and never miss an episode since this winter.

  36. I run an estate sale company and I can tell you that these people are NOT professionals.

  37. I think I spotted U2 stuff

  38. Y’all saying the title is clickbaity lol it’s really not

  39. Omg. Is this sale at the top of mt. Evetest? I run sales, for 10 years plus. always busy from open to close!

  40. Those are vendor/contractor "give away" USAF model aircraft. My father use to be a Gen Dyn tech rep with the F-16, and he had a bunch of the different f-16 models he got over the years….well, he didn't think much about them, until he had just 2 left, a larger one, and a small desk sized one, and he was offered a surprising amount of money. He didn't accept, and he still walks around the house muttering….true story.

    So yeah, good catch, I'd have bought those as well.

    God Speed and Blessings to You and Yours.

  41. Experience

  42. In Germany, no one would allow you to go into other people's homes with a GoPro without asking first. Is there no privacy in the U.S.?

  43. What mistakes? Clickbait sucked me in to your dumass vid🤬

  44. Marathon Watching 10/7/21 Having a hard time remembering to type October not September…. 😂…. also I bought the Hermès soap container and the 46 CDS 💿 from your eBay store , both are birthday gifts for friends ! Thank you so much! Love 💗 the video btw… 😂

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