The Best Wool Shirt You've Never Heard Of – Duckworth Shirt Review

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Wool shirts are becoming increasingly rare. While wool and cotton were once the standard for clothing, they’ve been replaced by blends and synthetic fabrics. Still, as rare as wool clothing is, it’s even harder to find 100% American made wool clothing using American wool from American sheep, American construction, in an entirely USA made supply chain. The Duckworth Sawtooth merino wool work shirt is one such product, and is one of the best wool shirts I’ve ever worn. Simple, warm, and effective, this work shirt is a fine example of American manufacturing.


0:00 Introduction
1:55 Duckworth
2:29 Benefits of Wool
3:03 The Sawtooth wool shirt
5:37 Competitive Options
6:46 Conclusion

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The Best Wool Shirt You've Never Heard Of – Duckworth Shirt Review
The Best Wool Shirt You've Never Heard Of – Duckworth Shirt Review
  1. I’ve seen those!!!! There awesom!!

  2. Another nice video Carl. I'm glad they don't maker bigger sizes, otherwise I would be a lot more poorer…Same for Filson as well…

  3. I like merino wool socks.

  4. Maybe you can help, I reached out to Nicks boots with no reply Im looking at there second hand boots the Robert. I wear a 9D in red wings iron ranger and need to find out what size Nicks do you think i would need?

  5. Hey Carl, check out "Off The Grid" work shirts, recently got one and love it. A lot thicker than i thought it wouldve been

  6. Great review. But wow….beautiful shirt, but definitely pricey. I think the internet is creating a resurgence of American craftsmanship be it cobbling, boot making, and other consumer products. The direct to consumer model eliminates a lot of the overhead typical of the old brick and mortar business model…As well, a niche business can scale without needing massive infusions of new capital. This is clearly driving the growth of heritage style clothing and footwear. Keep up the reviews Carl. I look forward to them…

  7. Just curious, what is your experience with Bombas socks? I have some athletic socks with a cotton blend from them that have been holding up great but most of the wool socks I have seem to have loose fabric and holes form pretty quickly

  8. I ordered from Duckworth the night of 4/29. I mistakenly did not click on medium and the order went through as small. I immediately, I mean within minutes, emailed their customer service to ask for help or cancellation of the order, as stated in their FAQ. Never received a reply. 14 hours later I get an e-mail that the garment has been shipped. I called the customer service number to speak to someone. Crickets. Just a recording. I'll request a return authorization when the garment comes. At the moment, I'm wondering if I'll be eating a $300.00 wool shirt.

  9. Can you please review vermont flannel

  10. I don't like immigrants

  11. Get a 1620 workwear hoodie instead of Carhartt! Lifetime warranty made in the USA.

  12. Checkout the Voormi wool company, I think you’ll like it very much!

  13. People socks. USA made wool socks.

  14. Hey check out the Kitsbow Icon shirt they're using pendelton wool and making them to order…..

  15. I get it, but $200 for one shirt is just too much for most people.

  16. I enjoy your videos, appreciate your insights however, I am going to respectfully suggest that the Melton Shirt from Anian MFG is by far the best heavy weight wool shirt ever. I bought one in every color and have been wearing them daily. Perfect for Alaska summer morning. :). Thanks again keep the videos coming.

  17. I really like wool but I'm too hit by the sticker shock….

  18. If you haven”t already, I would definitely do a video on Weatherwool

  19. Okay they've convinced you that investing is not gambling with your money but it is gambling you're giving somebody else your money hoping taking a chance that they're going to make it and you're going to get money back sorry I don't care what the odds are and what you call it it's still gambling and I don't gamble with my money my life and my pets

  20. right now all good companies are out of everything. i think the big guys want to kill small buisines.

  21. Is your second name, Russian?

  22. Got the Ellis Wool Coat by Buffalo Jackson tonight as an early Christmas present from my wife. Wanted it since I saw one of your videos. Was beyond stoked when I opened it and put it on. Until I saw Made in China. Beyond unfortunate. Getting returned tomorrow.

  23. Carl you are spot on about the fact people complain about price with American made and yet then complain about made elsewhere…!

  24. I have looked at WeatherWool and Filson. Both are pretty pricey, but for the average outdoor person how much is too much? Thanks for the video.

  25. I just picked up an army field shirt It looks identical in the design except for two things the buttons are OD Green has a white army tag Oh three things and it has flaps over the big pockets but the stitching in the back curve cut are exactly the same and it's 27 degrees outside I have the thermal shirt on and then I have this wool shirt on and then I do just find and I found it in age army surplus store brand new it has never been used so there's still being made and I paid $35 for it in the same store last month I paid 165 for a Johnson Woolen Mills field jacket which is not a stick the wind goes right through this when he hold it up the light can't see through it all the Johnsons going Mills jacket up the light you see right through it

  26. If you're going to "compare" other brands you should actually buy them and compare

  27. Hey Carl. In all of your research, have you come across a decent source of wool products for tall men? Most manufacturers either don’t offer it, or it’s not in stock very often.

  28. Absolutely love my Duckworth snowcrest shirt. When I throw a crappy jacket from Duluth overtop I’ve been outside in zero F temps for a few hrs and been nice and warm!!! Haven’t even thought about my big -20* carhartt since I’ve had this snowcrest shirt.

  29. I am a Duckworth Addict….I have at least 10 garments from them. Won't buy any other brand. I am on Ski Patrol in Wyoming so I use this stuff everyday.

  30. I own a screen printing shop. A lot of my customers are the type that give me grief for driving a Toyota. That said I always offer a made in America option for the shirts I print on. No a single one of them will pay the extra for made in USA.

  31. Looks like great stuff…just not available in larger sizes – it appears. Am looking for 3XLT or 4XLT wool shirts, any thoughts?

  32. This is why I love eBay. I can typically find American-made products of great quality at a lower price point, with the added bonus of getting it already broken in. while I understand that the company doesn't see any of that secondary revenue, it's either that or buying cheaper fast fashion and I try to avoid that as much as possible.

  33. Our leaders thought sending all these jobs to Communist China was a good idea. Now we can't build jack squat and China has hypersonic missiles. Fast forward to the pandemic and these same leaders crippled our economy more with lock downs that killed small businesses and further shrank the middle class. These are the same people that want us to listen to them about global warming. I do however like the shirts.

  34. Instead of blaming foreign companies, American consumers, or YouTube reviewers, let's put the heat on who's really responsible – the US government, who've managed to regulate and tax American industry into obsolescence on the world market.

  35. Stanfield wool Henley made in Canada also known as the island tuxedo

  36. Time to redo the intro and lose the woke carhart ….unfortunate they went the way they did

  37. There is a great company 'Big Bill' manufacturing all wool jackets in both 18 oz and 24 oz models for about 225 Canadian dollars. They are made in Quebec, north of Montreal. Excellent quality. I recently discovered them and bought the 18 oz model. They are khaki green only. I bought mine from a company called Gostwear.

  38. Carl, ever had any issues with moths getting to your woolen garments? Any advice for avoiding this issue?

  39. I hate you.

    they finally had a sawtooth in a color I was willing to spend the money on…..

    I love it.

    My rules for clothing, if it's an article of clothing that will last me for a long time like a jacket, flannel, boots, shoes, etc I'm happy to pay the money for made in the usa or made in a first world country. shirts and undergarments come from walmart and sams club

  40. I have a couple Johnson zip front shirts and they are top quality. I got mine on closeout so didn't pay full price but I think they are worth the price anyway. They are thick and warm.

  41. guessing they couldn't keep up with their success because everything they make is like half polyester now. I'll just go to wallmart if I wanted to wear plastic.

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