15 Most Dangerous Trees You Should Never Touch

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Trees are beautiful, majestic and borderline poetic. They give children something to climb, birds somewhere to live and provide all of us with precious, precious oxygen. But, did you know, there are some trees that are 10,000% NOT our friends? Did you know that there are some trees that are SO dangerous you shouldn’t even go near them, not alone TOUCH them! These are the most dangerous trees you should never touch!

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15 Most Dangerous Trees You Should Never Touch
15 Most Dangerous Trees You Should Never Touch
  1. I can confirm I have 8 of them in my grandfather's garden

  2. dang he lied abput all of this?

  3. The milky mangrove tree that the video showed were actually just red mangroves and black mangroves. They grow everywhere in Florida. That white crystallized “poison on the leaf is actually just salt, we used to pick the leaves and lick the salt off all the time as kids. They didn’t show a single picture of the actual milky mangrove.

  4. angel trumpets grow in my old farm house., in australia, we knew how bad they were and avoided them at all cost.

  5. I would be so mad if I died because of a coconut hit on my head

  6. Stretch neen???
    Strick nine!!

  7. It is pronounced "Strik Neen", not "streech neen"

  8. "no-Torius", not knee-torius"

  9. What is up with the random music

  10. "streech neen tree" LMAO

    it's strik nine

  11. That s pronounced stiknine not srtreechnine and spelled strichnine.poison which keeps the human heart pumping.peopl😃📱

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  13. 2 kilos is 4.4 pounds. 20 meters is 65.5 ft. & 50 meters is 164 ft.. 10 kilograms is 22 pounds. Stop calling people by their last names. Call them, by their first names.

  14. Hmm you’re not too smart I can accurately assume

  15. Just cut them down🤗

  16. I hear Ben 10 or am I tripping 😯

  17. Shipworms are not dangerous, nor are they a tree

  18. "they're actually clams"

    my first thought: can you eat them?

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