Best Winter Boots for Men (Top 5 in 2021)

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Best Winter Boots for Men (Top 5 in 2021)

1. Columbia Bugaboot Plus IV

2. LL Bean’s shearling lined 10-inch boots

3. Ever Boots ultra dry waterproof work boots

4. Wolverine Drill Bit Oil Rigger Boots

5. Kamik winter boots

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Best Winter Boots for Men (Top 5 in 2021)
Best Winter Boots for Men (Top 5 in 2021)
  1. In the summer i walk (no running) alot on european cobblestones, uneven lanes and concrete surfaces (Prague). I have underpronation (not over) and flat feet (unusual combination). So i think the shoes need to have adequate foot support with a max cushioned insoles and durable outsoles with probably some ridges and grooves for excellent grip (protection against uneven cobblestones). Im getting very mixed messages on what shoes to get. From Bondi L or 7 & NB 1080 to Stinson atr 6, Gaviota 3, Terrex free hiker and even Salomon X ULTRA 4. Please help me!! Which shoe do you suggest!!

  2. thanks. very helpful and informative!

  3. I love this thank you! Straight to the point.

  4. Great job! Thank you very much!

  5. nice music bro. Increse more sund of music

  6. Should have mentioned the Columbia Bugaboot Celsius. It is more water resistant than the Bugaboot IV. The Celsius model also has twice the insulation and a more efficient form of Columbia's Omni-Heat.

    Edit: The Bugaboot Celsius model came out last year. I am not sure when. You might have just missed it.

  7. Best I ever had was a pair of "Rockies" 1,000 grams of thinsulate, Woking outside all day in a 14 below zero wind chill day, and my feet were still warm after 8 hours.

  8. I am satisfied with the Columbia IV omniheat I just bought. I work as a delivery walker and really need light,warm and sturdy. After using it one day my foot didn't get tired. There's room for finger toe so when wearing thick socks just feel comfortable. The grip very good also. I love this boots. Thank you Columbia

  9. bonjour so which one is the best ?

  10. Are Hanwag, Lowa, Zamberlan, AKU and so many others a joke to you? The makers I mentioned, make THE BEST boots, you should rename this video, to "Best budget winter boots"

  11. the columbia boots are nice but had a pair and they dont last (quite disappointed)…actually i am surprised you dont have the sorel caribou boots ….bought a pair and for the same price of the columbia and they been excellent so far

  12. wind river boots have been good very nice on Ice

  13. My favorite boots never seem to make anyone list. Caterpillar half calf winter work boot. Not only super comfortable but you can work outside splashing in slush and snow for a full shift and never have your feet get wet or cold. You just have to get use to how much they weight.

  14. none of these boots would even make the top 100 performance wise in the winter

  15. I still like kamik boots also what marks have. Marks boots are great on ice and very warm. Also some are waterproof too. Marks have variety of winter boots they are quad comfort , waterproof, lite weight, and also have it is called heat in the boot. Very warm 🥵.

  16. It wasn’t until the end of the video that I realized you were speaking English.

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