SWEATER GUIDE | How To Find Great Knits

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Today’s video is a crash course in sweaters. I cover everything from styles to materials to basic care and more. Thank you so much for watching xx Audrey

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White Sweater: Everlane
White Shirt: Brooks Brothers
Small Gold Hoops: Stone & Strand
Signet Ring: Ruff’s Signet Ring
Thin Gold Stacking Ring: GLDN
Bracelet: Gifted from Mejuri & I love it!
Necklace: Mejuri


I love this cashmere sweater
And this cotton sweater

Grana: get 10% off with this link


eBay, ETSY, thrift stores, antique malls etc


I love these gorgeous knits from Lenvers

Beautiful Hand knitted Sweaters

Nido also makes beautiful hand knitted sweaters

Another great sweater company making slow fashion

Gorgeous cashmere

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Build a classic, year-round 27 piece capsule with my guide here:

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SWEATER GUIDE | How To Find Great Knits
SWEATER GUIDE | How To Find Great Knits
  1. Thank you so much for watching! I’d love to know what your favorite sweater is 😊❤️

  2. An additional note on sweater care (9:20), a more affordable option to the detergent is to use baby shampoo (it also comes in a lavender scent). Wool and cashmere are hair so shampoos and conditioners (to slightly soften the itchiness of some wools) can be used. Also, use a very small amount (dime – quarter coin size). lukewarm water > detergent > garment (never run water over garment). Also, do not wring the rinse water out but gently squeeze > put on towel > roll towel into sausage > walk on towel (or put into mesh bag (or pillow case) > 1-2 min on spin cycle). As an avid knitter and collector of cashmere sweaters, your guide is spot on.

  3. I invested in a sweater comb recently and it really has made such a difference in how my sweaters look.

  4. I find your delivery of videos so pleasant and wanted to share my appreciation!

  5. I guess I always handwash in too hot water. My wool sweaters shrink, unless they are merino

  6. Thank you. I love your clothing care videos. All I can say is give us more!

  7. Can you recommend some sweater brands that make fitted clothes- not tight, just nipped in at the waist. Grana, Everlane, J Crew, Bloomingdale's, LL Bean, etc. make sweaters that are straight up a down which is not flattering on me.

  8. In a photo of your sweaters in a drawer looks like you roll vs. folding them. Also, do you hand wash sweaters that say dry clean?

  9. Thank you for the information about the Wool and Cashmere Shampoo for sweater care.

  10. Man I cant wait to be 30 with money ☁️🥰

  11. I don’t look good with crew neck unless I wear collared shirt underneath. V neck shows cleavage so I can’t wear to work. Turtle necks are the most worn by me because I don’t have to wash an additional shirt and it goes with pants, skirts and jackets

  12. New Subscriber here. Your delivery is so pleasing and soft spoken yet articulate and very informative. I have literally been binge watching your entire channel content. Well done!

  13. Could you do a video of pairing sweaters with skirts and all the different ways to style because I dont really wear pants ever and that includes in winter.

  14. You are so soft spoken …it’s a heaven to listen to your voice. Provides peace and comfort…….I am sure your husband fell in love with Yoruba voice the minute he met you …….you should be a teacher ….well,spoken and graceful 😍

  15. Sweaters are something that really benefit from proper care. Without it even the most expensive sweater will age quickly.

  16. You should look into doing voice overs 🙂

  17. you are incredibly beautiful miss!@

  18. I uploaded my first video of how to wear cashmere crew neck sweater in 5 different ways. Do show support!

  19. Hey audrey! Try out woolovers. I'm sure you will love them 💗

  20. I've invested in cashmere and merino and have 3 pieces with moth holes in the front from 1 drawer. I found x2 fat moth grubs in there. I steamed all of the rest of the clothing, air dried them and store them I polythene storage bags that the little beggars can get into. Be warned!

  21. I wonder what genetic background does she have? So hard to guess!

  22. I love this channel I've been binge-watching since I found it. I don't feel pressure to purchase clothes and shoes I feel inspired to give a lot of thought to my next purchase.

  23. Woah your voice is so soothing

  24. I’m loving your videos. I just found you recently. I love the whole topic of style and dressing to look your best.

  25. Audrey, what a great video, I love sweaters and they add so much elegances to a wardrobe. Thank you again for the care tips (for sweaters specially Cashmere)

  26. I have been living in wool trousers (homemade) and woollen jumpers (both machine and hand made) for 40 years, and none of them have been anywhere near a dry cleaner. I hand wash the garments and use the spin dry to get the water out. The centrifugal force just presses the fabric against the drum – no pulling or any kind of agitation. Then wrap the garment it in a clean towel and sit on the parcel for a second or two. Then it is ready to iron or leave somewhere flat in the shade. It is not good for wool to be wet for any longer than is necessary.

  27. As a knitter, it's nice to see such a great episode on sweaters. On washing, it's good to point out that natural wool fibers don't need to be washed between wearing as they don't really absorb odours the way synthetic fibers do. Unless they actually get dirty, I only wash my sweaters once or twice a year. The freezer is a great way to freshen them up if more than an airing out is needed. I've just hit on your channels so I'm still catching up on episodes.

  28. I love a silk and cashmere blend sweater.

  29. I do hang my sweaters on padded hangers during the 4-5 months of sweater season. I’m short on drawer/shelf space and I like to have everything visible anyway. After I wash and thoroughly dry them at the end of the season, I fold them with tissue paper and store in muslin zipper bags for the warmer months. I haven’t had an issue with stretching or shoulder marks when using those really thick padded hangers.

  30. Winter is my favorite season, partly b/c I'm partial to winter clothing and feeling cool. I'm certainly a sweater fiend. I don't wear sweaters in spring or summer. Michigan gets to humid.

  31. Ah, great tip re: disinfecting wool and cashmere sweaters in the freezer. Never knew that. Thank you, Audrey for that and the shampoo product.

  32. how long should a sweater be?

  33. Thank you so much for that amazing guide. Please do one for all other natural fabrics.

  34. Fall is my favorite season because getting out your sweaters and boots makes me feel wonderful! As a farm girl, I love the fall colors and fashions that were display n the farm and countryside!

  35. I thrifted a vintage paul stuart Male Large size cashmere turtleneck sweater today😁 it’s huge enough but I love it. 😻

  36. @ 7:28 what brand of sweater are you wearing?

  37. Audrey, I love to hear you speak. Your voice is so melodious. I also appreciate that you don’t feel that you have to talk too loudly or too affirmatively.

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